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Linky-linky 3: The Linkening

From quizzicalsphinx: Production stills from Pirates 3! Warning: obvious spoilers if you haven't seen the end of the second one. Possible spoilers if you're not aware of the general setting of the third. Also, from the last time I mentioned The Totally Awesome Picture (which is included at this link), I'm hearing that it may be an acknowledged photoshop. I'm not sure how (where did the costume come from?), but even I have to admit that it always looked a bit pastede on (boo). So now I am a sad panda. But then I see my favorite pirate (no, my other favorite pirate) and I get happy again.

(We sat at the table tonight, the three of us, eating a mix-and-match dinner of leftovers while my mother tried to sell my stepfather on the charms of Jack Sparrow. Somehow, I don't think "...and he's so sexy when he runs like a girl!" is gonna get an Army Reservist into a theater seat come Saturday afternoon.)

A brief first-hand account of Spider-Man filming in the comments of the entry before last.

Labyrinth: The Manga. Rendering David Bowie all bish must have taken... what, two seconds?

Less bishy: Se7en: The Graphic Novels.

Was the world really crying out for Da Vinci Code collectibles?

Ms. Scribe hits the mainstream media. It's just like reading a history of the CIA, only with less cross-dressing.

New trailers: Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men (mmmclive) and Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep (I love Charlotte Gainsbourg!).

An interesting review of Lady in the Water. I don't usually read AICN anymore, but Moriarty goes into a lot of the problem behaviors and attitudes that led Shyamalan up to this point. Such as "not having anyone to tell him no." Also, he makes the interesting point that there are "excuses" built into the movie: if you're a movie critic, you don't like the movie because there's an unflattering portrayal of one; if you think it's stupid, you're not open to your inner child; if you think it's rambling and unstructured, you're not open to the "bedtime story" conceit, and so on.

By the way, from what I understand, there's not really a twist per se. Not, like, a patented Shyamalan Turn Everything Upside Down twist; just the normal surprises and reversals you might have in any movie. This is, of course, assuming that the full-length writeup at The Movie Spoiler is correct, which it seems to be. NOTE: Link will spoil the everloving shit out of the movie, in case you haven't figured that out. And I know it's not quite doing justice to a movie to merely read a brief, factual recap, but even considering that, the plot is... well, kind of incoherent, what with the narfs and the scrunts that hunt the narfs and the monkeythings that hunt the scrunts that hunt the narfs, but only on certain narf-hunting days, if the narf breaks the rules and regulations observed by the narf-hunting scrunts, unless you're dealing with a queen narf, in which case all bets are just frickin' off, chief. I kind of want to say that "narf" doesn't even look like a word now, except that it NEVER DID IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Sadly, I kind of want to see the movie just because now. Only I don't want to pay for it, because I demand a certain level of coherence if you want me to pony up eight bucks.

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