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Hey, you know what's really not cool? Waking me up at five in the morning to check and see if you turned the iron off, when you actually unplugged the iron before you left. I'm pretty sure it's off, okay? And now my migraine is coming back.

Meanwhile, my parents have now drunk the Firefox Kool-Aid. Actually, they'll pretty much use anything I tell them to if it involves fewer viruses. It also helped that their IE had developed some kind of weird bug where "Select skin change" popped up every time you did anything, so any browser where that wouldn't happen was A-OK by them. So we are now a family of Firefoxers.

Also, we're all listening to the POTC2 soundtrack obsessively. Mom had me burn copies of the soundtrack for her and my stepfather, and I squeezed as much of the first movie's score as I could in at the beginning (which just thrilled my stepfather's soul, as he's had to play the POTC1 score umpteen times as a drummer for Celebration Winds and is thoroughly sick of it). So now they both listen to it in their cars as they drive to and from work. My mother skips straight to "The Kraken." Yes, we are a weird family.

(More browser extensions you might enjoy.)

Lance Bass comes out in People magazine.

Keira Knightley on the set of Atonement.

'Pirates' Takes Aim at Emmys: ABC avenges lack of Lost noms by scheduling blockbuster movie opposite the ceremony. Heh.

Baby Shiloh Re-Created in Wax. SO CREEPY. Like, "waxwork figure of Shiloh Pitt-Jolie" isn't even the creepy part--for my money, it's the "pose for a family photo with Shiloh, Angelina and Brad."

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