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I wrote 5300 words yesterday, because I am the mack. This was particularly nice after my publisher sent me another complimentary clipping--a review that included the phrase "in-yer-face unsubtlety" and ended with "this is probably one for the bathroom." Which is, of course, exactly what I need to hear while I'm struggling with trying to even get a second book started. Fortunately, those are the only two lines I happened to see before I folded the paper shut again and banished it to the sort pile across the room. My sister pointed out, in an unusual gesture of support, that this is probably not the kind of book that critics are going to like anyway, so if they had liked it I would have had to ask myself what I'd done wrong. Which is great in theory ("It's not FOR you!"), except that I get the feeling that my critics are saying, "I like a good book of parody, and this ain't it."

Wait, why am I gassing on about bad reviews? I thought this was supposed to be about how I'm really excited about developing a new story which may or may not be FOR you.

A collection of links that've been piling up on me, so forgive me if they're a touch outdated:

All Mel Gibson, all the time!

Crazy Mel Gibson: The Cover-Up.

Mel Gibson: A How Screwed Is That Guy? Round-Up

Gibson Enters Rehab After DUI Arrest.

ABC pulls Mel Gibson Holocaust miniseries.

Mel Gibson Was 'Really On The Verge Of Suicide' Before His DUI Arrest; 'This Was A Death Wish.'

Gibson seeks meeting with Jewish leaders.

His full apology. No, the other one.  

Will you avoid Gibson's future movies due to his anti-Semitic comments? Seventy-three percent say no, although I imagine that 97% of that 73% percent added, "I'm gonna avoid 'em 'cause they're in frickin' Mayan."

Non-crazy, non-Gibson linkspam:

Don't kill Harry Potter, King and Irving urge Rowling. Any other authors whose names end in -ing are also free to comment.

Heath Ledger set as Joker in "Batman" sequel titled The Dark Knight.

'Miami Vice' takes $25.2M, sinks 'Pirates.' No hard feelings, though--Disney's head of distribution looks up from the enormous vat of cash he's been rolling around in long enough to say, and I quote, "It's a very happy weekend."

Nicole Kidman to play Mrs. Coulter in The Golden Compass? Apparently so. Eva Green also cast as Serafina.

The Fountain moved back to Thanksgiving week. Only a few weeks, and the confidence they're showing by playing it on a big holiday weekend sounds good, so I'm happy. Also, my mother'll be able to see it this way--I've sucked her into it via the new trailer. As someone here commented last week, I may not be turning into my mother--my mother may be turning into me.

Posters: The Black Dahlia (eeek), Nicolas Cage looking like his DNA has been spliced with that of Keanu Reeves in The Wicker Man.

Haynes' Dylan Pic Finally Ready to Go: "Disappointingly, it turns out that only a handful of the slew of names already connected to the film will actually play Dylan (a different actor will represent each 'different period or artistic phase of his life'): Christian Bale, Richard Gere, Heath Ledger, Cate Blanchett and Ben Whishaw will be joined by young African-American actor Marcus Carl Franklin in the role -- and that's it. While David Cross, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Bruce Greenwood, Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams ARE in the film, they're sadly not going to get to play Dylan."

Clooney Confirmed for Pet Sematary Redo? I'm intrigued by this because Clooney generally has good instincts. Who comes off double Oscar nominations and does a crappy Stephen King movie? A crappy Stephen King remake? Nobody, that's who. There's got to be something seriously compelling about this that we're not seeing.

HBC confirmed for HP5. 

Yes, It Was Inevitable: Jackman in Carousel.

I go back to write now. Also, I think we're having breakfast for dinner, yay!

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