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Just a very few things

Urgh, headachy. Did I mention that I quit Mountain Dew cold turkey over the weekend? I think I did. I should be over withdrawal by now, though; it's probably more that I forgot to take my meds (still the same-old same-old) until about 1:30, which is unusual for me.

Wait, someone's been arrested in Thailand for the JonBenet Ramsay murder? Eeek.

First look at Tonks! (Smaller version if the Mugglenet link still doesn't work; thanks daemonnoire.)

Claire Danes in Stardust. There is a part of me that is disappointed that she doesn't look exactly as if she stepped out of the Charles Vess illustrations (I want big hair and I want it now!).

Phantom of the Opera in Fifteen Minutes on YouTube. Apparently I'm not actually credited in writing--a frame of the video, or in text on the site--which is what the people I gave permission to (who may or may not be these people) agreed to do. And now people are all like, "Where did this come from? Are there more of these?" So that's a bit unfortunate. I tried to comment, but I have to validate my email, and the validation email won't arrive, so... I'm kind of stuck on that one.

Jon Stewart interviews Samuel L. Jackson. Except that he spends most of the interview just squeeing, which is hilarious. For those of you who have wondered what the Kraken Dance looks like, Jon Stewart is doing something very like it around the time he starts shouting "Sequel!!!" near the end of the interview--it's basically fist-clenching chair-dancing joy, except that the Kraken Dance is done very quietly so as not to alarm one's seatmates (good luck with that).

ETA: Apparently the Burton/Depp Sweeney Todd is official.

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