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I been around the world, I ain't never seen a girl like this

You know, I take issue with the old adage that you should write what you know. Number one, as bibliotech pointed out, the entire science fiction genre would cease to exist. Number two--most of us lead extremely boring lives. If we wrote only what we knew, we would probably replace science fiction with navel gazing, and the You Are Way Too Young to Be Writing This Memoir genre is overstuffed as it is. Therefore, I believe that you should write what you know, and if you don't know it, you should go find it out--also known as "research."

The Joys of Being a Writer, or, Problems You Don't Run Into Much: "Man, I wish they had more pictures of old-fashioned haystacks."

Problems You Don't Run Into Much, Part Two: "But when do you cut the hay? When??"

Part Three: "There is a serious dearth of good haymaking FAQs on the internet."

Part Four: "FINALLY."

Part Five: "Hey, man, I don't judge. If you just need to have a field full of phallic symbols, you know, that's your scene, then, whatever."

Part Six: "This ice cream is not sufficient for my malnutritional needs."

Which perhaps bears some explaining. Since Bluebell is holding out on us regarding the Chocolate Almond Marshmallow ice cream (it's supposed to go back into rotation this month, but I haven't seen any yet), my mother decided to be enterprising and buy from a different brand--Mayfield's Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream and their Chocolate Almond ice cream. "You can just combine them!" she says. I am so touched by the gesture that I restrain myself from pointing out that we could have bought one flavor of ice cream and a bag of almonds. Which might have been a better idea, because it turns out that Mayfield's ice cream doesn't really have that much in the way of almonds--it's more like it's just daydreaming about them, thinking about how it might be a good idea, someday, to include almonds in the product. Also, Bluebell's almonds are chocolate-covered. You understand now, don't you?

Slight update on the YouTube situation: eponine_b says that the people who actually made the video posted it with credit on their website; someone apparently then took it and posted it to YouTube without, I would imagine, permission. That said, it's really not a big deal, you guys. I mean, maybe it is for the vidders if their work was stolen, but I think there's enough commentage on the YT page to thoroughly indicate where the text came from.

P.S. can't stop listening to nelly furtado (stop) send help please (stop)

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