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Random things you think of at two in the morning

I seem to wake up at two or three in the morning pretty consistently these days. Ick.

>> You know, I wanted to do my own research rather than fire up Semagic and bother y'all every time I wanted to know some little thing, but I mention hay (thinking, "Hey, you know, if anyone else ever needs to look this stuff up, this might come in handy for them"), and not only have multiple commenters cut hay before, one of them was doing so that day. Screw this Wikipedia noise, I'm asking y'all from now on.

So... *checks notes* ...relatively slow-acting botanical poisons, what've you got? I need time for suffering and flailing about for antidotes. Belladonna? If you intend to poison someone today, I definitely need to hear from you.

>> Okay, I'm in a bit of a quandary. Someone is using the title for "Movies in Fifteen Minutes" for the first and the fourth Harry Potters--I have the link to them, but I'm not reading the texts, as I haven't actually finished "Goblet of Fire" yet, and I don't want an IM IN UR FANFIC, STEALIN UR JOKES situation on my hands. (Note: I actually did the first Potter in the book.) But I'm reading reviews left for her, and while there are a couple of comments that mention me, there's also a lot saying, "What are you going to do for your next Movies in Fifteen Minutes?" and "U should do [whatever] for your next Movies in Fifteen Minutes." I am extremely uncomfortable with what she's doing, but you, and by "you" I mean "I," can't copyright titles. And it's not like I chose the most unique title of all time in the first place. At the same time, I hear that she does seem to acknowledge obliquely that she "didn't come up with the title," so I think she has, in fact, seen my work. She may or may not be using some of my jokes; I can't look, but the reviews indicate that she may be funny on her own, which means that we are not dealing with actual plagiarism here. But here's another complicating factor: the site doesn't allow script format fics anyway. I'm not linking to any of this because I legitimately don't know what to do, and I don't want to call the flying monkeys down on her. Probably the most I could ask for is for her to put a disclaimer that says "This is not related to Cleolinda Jones' Movies in Fifteen Minutes," and I don't know that I even have the right to ask for that. She seems to be only fifteen anyway, and... I totally don't know what to do. Other than pour myself a tall glass of Let It the Hell Go, I guess.

>> Re: Last night's JonBenet entry: You know how the first thing out of my mouth, metaphorically speaking, was how this guy might be trying to get out of Thailand? Yeah. A lot of things aren't adding up, including the whole "No, my husband was with me in Alabama, the Center of the Universe, that Christmas" part. At the same time, the man is way creepy and at least now that he's been nationally exposed as a pedophile (what were the previous charges, again? Child porn in California and sex charges in Thailand?), maybe someone can put him away somewhere. God knows what he's been up to elsewhere.

(On the other hand: the details Karr allegedly knows that no one but the killer should know.)

>> ATTENTION, PEOPLE I ACTUALLY KNOW IN REAL LIFE: Holy crow, people are actually coming out of Snakes on a Plane saying they liked it. I was expecting the biggest hype letdown ever. (Sample comments start here. Also here.) "It's everything you could have hoped for" is a pretty damn good endorsement. Art on the Rocks is Friday, but what about Saturday?

>> Linkspam:

Jail for Haley Joel? It's a Shyamalan curse, I'm telling you--first Mel and now this.

The Stephen Colbert Threat Down Generator.

megmatthews20: "On a much happier subject, have you seen the following POTC 3 spoilerific pictures?" I think we've seen some of them before, but I think there's at least a couple of new ones, and they're laid out better here. Also, Chinese Pirate Jack lives!

Hilary Duff's new video, "Play with Fire." I am not proud that I have now downloaded the song, but Sister Girl actually came and said, "You need to listen to this, I think you would like this. No, I have no shame." She actually earbombed me, knowingly, with stupidcrackmusic. You understand, don't you? Don't you?!

levi: "I was wondering if you could pimp this - I know habibekindheart can use all the support she can get. She does not deserve any of the things that have happened to her, and neither does her family."

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