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Love, sister, it's just a kiss away

Sort of languid-sleepy. Feels a little like being stoned. Having a hard time concentrating--can't read for very long.

Banana pudding for my stepbrother's birthday. Race to shower for hair-washing rights; lost; still waiting. Had "Gimme Shelter" playing all day, for some reason. Two missed calls from "Number Withheld"; phone won't let me call back, because... number withheld. Need to call doctor about going on Lamictal. Not thrilled about it, but... not feeling good. Applying again for job; don't need to keep feeling like this. Not so much bad as... ready to hibernate.

Herewith, links compiled last night/this morning, when feeling more grammatical.

O SNAP: Turns out Sumner Redstone's wife is the one who got him to dump Tom Cruise from Paramount. Why? Of all the shenanigans he's pulled, the Brooke Shield comments pissed her off like whoa, and she used those to convince her husband that Cruise had bombed his own popularity with women. I can't put my finger on why I think that's the most poetic thing ever, but I do.

Demotivators: the original motivational mockery site. Be sure to read the comments at the bottom. Hee! And a few more.

Heeeeee--a Veronica Mars Threatdown, Colbert-style.

Local news: Scrushy ordered to repay $47M in bonuses, will start panhandling at all buildings in town bearing his name.

The only thing more disgusting than the Forbes article? The responses to the Forbes article. So toxic that the closest I got was the comments about the comments, which indicate that not reading the originals is probably for the best.

Kidnapped Austrian teenager begins to tell harrowing story. Freed Austrian kidnap girl refuses to see parents. Sounds bad, but it's more that she's saying she needs time to adjust to freedom.

Fire destroys St Petersburg cathedral domes. 

New Pirates 3 pic of... someone. Look, I don't know. (Keira? Really? Why does her face look weird?)

Knightley and Grant targeted in phone scandal. Apparently this is where some gossip tips have been coming from.

Stick of dynamite found in student's luggage; student claims he works in mining and that he therefore "knows how to handle" explosives. Damn, son, don't you at least watch Lost?

What terrorists want, and how we're giving it to them. Just something I found interesting, particularly the part about the liquids: "We're all a little jumpy after the recent arrest of 23 terror suspects in Great Britain. The men were reportedly plotting a liquid-explosive attack on airplanes, and both the press and politicians have been trumpeting the story ever since. In truth, it's doubtful that their plan would have succeeded; chemists have been debunking the idea since it became public."

China cracks down on striptease funerals. Wait, what?

Am I crazy for wanting to put fonts on my Christmas list? (Petronella! Old Glory!)

Halloween lipgloss. I kind of want the Sleepy Hollow, Full Moon, and whichever one is the gingerbread one. I bought some of their catalogue glosses--what, last year?--and the scents are amazing. The ones I ordered seemed to have no flavor at all--not sure what's up with that--but user comments on the site seem to indicate that they are supposed to be flavored. So I don't know.

Sweet Lord. Apparently it's really not a tumahhhhh.

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