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Also, I have a molar that hurts

So I have finally talked to my doctor, and I am going to be on three! three! three! medications for the time being--the same Zoloft, a little less Wellbutrin, and tiny increments of Lamictal that we're going to ramp up over the next eight weeks so I don't get Teh Fatal Rash Oh Noes. And if I get Teh Sub-Fatal Rash Zomg, which may or may not involve a tightening of the throat and shortness of breath as well, I need to go to the emergency room and get a shot of Benadryl, because it basically is or is like an allergic reaction, much the way you might have one to peanuts or penicillin or bee stings or morons (I have those a lot).

Meanwhile, your ration of cute for the week.

Aaaaaaand the Ramsey-Karr DNA doesn't match. Shine on, you crazy dicksmack. Shine on, in your THAI PRISON.

"Good evening, you godless sodomites." "I could have lost to Wolverine! He has claws!" My mother, who was watching to cheer on Jack Bauer, is now very fond of some "Jon Colbert" person she keeps talking about.

ladyvoldything: Tom Cruise Wins "Ernie Award" For Sexism.

Ann Coulter runs out of bullshit.

Ron's Quidditch scenes might be cut from OotP film (see also "Weasley is our king," "the loudest fannish wail since... whatever pissed them off in the last movie").

Jim Broadbent to play Judge Turpin in 'Sweeney Todd'? Ooo! Casting is so exciting. Seriously, the casting of anything. I love that quicksand period where you get to watch (from a very distant vantage point) movies, particularly the ones with larger casts, take shape. Like the way that Nicole Kidman's White Witch would have been very different from Tilda Swinton's, and so on. It's like you get a peek into alternate universes for a moment.

(If you dig this kind of thing, you absolutely have to read this book. It cracks my shit up so hard--they'll end a chapter completely straight-faced with something like, "And then, a rising new starlet was chosen to star in Sleepless in Seattle: Demi Moore," and you'll have to go on to the next chapter. It's brilliant. Hell, just look at the title: if I recall correctly, the speaker of that line was Burt Reynolds, and the role was One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.)

tecno_fairy, this one's for you. Even though I don't think any of the outfits you made are in there, unless you also worked on Pintel and Ragetti. It's still fab.

A fall movie preview.  Seriously, did The Illusionist come out already and I just missed it? Did it just not come to Birmingham? Was I just too depressed to notice? (Winnah!)

Going to see Little Miss Sunshine tonight, assuming that I don't find anything else to be allergic to in the next three hours. Also, I finally got around to watching Inside Man this weekend, and it was really, really good. Fie on not seeing things in the theater.

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