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Clarification about (and apology for!) the Harlan Ellison thing. Let me repeat that: Ellison apologized! I should issue a clarification of my own--I had heard the "little fuck" story, but the context I heard it in was that it had been attributed to Ellison (specifically, in an elevator) as well as a few other people, much the way Marie Antoinette wasn't even the first person to get stuck with "Let them eat cake." In fact, I honestly don't think the "little fuck" thing happened to anyone, as it's a little too pat and perfect--it sounds like a really good punchline that someone came up with and tried to create an anecdote around. (Read that Snopes link, though, for a similar joke about Michael Dunn and Sophia Loren. There be lolz in them thar hills.)

More prettiness at The Costumer's Guide--better Marie Antoinette Vogue scans, some Pirates 3 pics (okay, I think that really is Keira's stunt double), and the revelation that "Eragon is exactly like Episode IV with dragons." Well, that bodes well.

More stills from Little Miss Sunshine. And here's one of the best moments in the movie, IMO--Steve Carell leaping out of the bus like he's on a SWAT team and hauling ass into the pageant. What gets me is that it's Frank putting on all that speed--not Olive's parents, not her brother, but the disaffected uncle who barely seemed to know any of them two days before. There's something really sweet about that. That, and the part where her father and brother do go backstage--separately!--and say, "We can't let Olive do this." And the way Frank and Dwayne walk into the auditorium and then walk right back out with expressions of abject horror. Seriously, I could probably talk about this all day. I liked it well enough at the time, but the more I think about it, the more the movie grows on me.

Christ on a cracker. outinthestorm initially told me she'd heard this on the radio, and I actually asked her to go back and make sure it wasn't a joke. It sounded too outrageous not to be, you know? I figured I'd learned my lesson with passing joke-gossip like the "little fuck" story (see above) off as fact (whether I actually intended to or not). Well, she comes back with quotes and a link. In case you're scanning the article wondering what the hell I'm talking about, here it is: "Karr had made graphic claims in a series of emails about JonBenet's killing, describing sexual acts with her, her death and writing at one point that he envisioned Johnny Depp playing him in a movie about how he killed JonBenet." Two thoughts:

1. It ain't "I shot the president for love of Jodie Foster," but it's filed in the nonviolent category right behind it.

2. Oh, AS IFLoserville McCreepysweat. That, and quite frankly, the last half hour of Little Miss Sunshine is the closest I ever want to get to seeing JonBenet portrayed on screen, and that was heeb-inducing enough.

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