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I hurt.

I don't know what happened, but suddenly, about 11 am, I was violently ill. Don't know if I'll go to class tonight. Again: Ow.

Edit, 5:43 pm: Have been having more bad dreams. Last night had a bizarre dream about trying to get the Larkin presentation together, from scratch, half an hour before it was due, with some kid in the library constantly bugging me. This afternoon, while trying to sleep the stomach pains off, had more bizarro nightmares--one was about being in "my" room, a dark, long/narrow room I don't know in real life, and it was filled with these strange candles that I couldn't manage to put out. These were huge layered candles, shaped like castles and volcanos and rice paddies and cuckoo clocks, as big as playsets, very detailed, and they all had at least one wick, sometimes two or three. And I'd get one out, and then one down the row would come back up, and inevitably it would set fire to a nearby curtain or something, and--

Oh my God. I just totally realized what this dream was about. This is totally about Vladimir warning me that I was taking on too many projects. Although that doesn't explain why I started finding spiders nesting in them. (Brrrr...)

The other dream was sort of a preamble to this--my family was sitting on low couches at a long/narrow coffee table (what's with the "long and narrow" theme, btw? Also: shut up, perv), sort of like a booth in a restaurant. The weird thing was that my great aunt and father were there, and I haven't seen them in years (long story). Anyway, we were trying to eat dinner, and Sister Girl came and sat down next to me. Like, practically on me (I was on the far left side.) I kept moving down and she kept moving down too--she kept piling her food on top of my food, scooting over, and I kept shouting at her to stop, kept pleading with my family to make her stop, and they did nothing, and finally I stormed off upstairs, and she followed, and I threatened to "kill" her, and I either imagined beating her upside the head (in the dream) or I actually did (in the dream). And then the bizarre candle portion of the dream kicked in.

The weird thing is, minus the actual beating and the strange seating arrangement, you've basically got my childhood with Sister Girl right there.
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