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Not much going on today, except that I'm hoping to get in a swim before the daily monsoon arrives.

Glenn Ford dead at 90.

If you have a cell phone, you need to read this: "Trust Digital resurrected erased e-mails and other information from a used Treo phone provided by The Associated Press for a demonstration after it was reset and appeared empty. Once the phone was reset using Palm's awkward 'zero-out' technique, no information could be recovered."

Bartender gets $10,000 tip on $26 tab.

The Onion: "Amid growing personal concern that the subjects are not receiving enough national attention, singer–actress Jessica Simpson announced the launch Monday of an ambitious, multimillion-dollar campaign promoting awareness of her breasts."

sexion8: "Another wtf creature found dead. In this case, scientists DID haul it away, but not before plenty of photos were taken. It looks like something straight out of The Dark Crystal." Oh my God! They found Jen's master!

(Wow, there's a Muppet Wiki? Whoa--there's pictures out from the sequel already?)

(Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who the hell decided how the gelflings mate? Seriously, it's like gelfling porn. I love how the article has been slapped with a "canonicity" warning up top.)

New stills: The Wicker Man, HollywoodlandFlushed Away (I was wrong, Em--it's not Ewan McGregor, it's Hugh Jackman), The Departed, The Black Dahlia.

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