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Is there a silver lining to the cloud on my brain?

Lamictal, day twelve: I've had a very light, recurrent, but completely icky headache all day (and all last night) that may best be described as a "brain spasm." My mother's started calling it my brain cloud.

lezopez: "I know you don't like your blog to get too political, but next time you do link spam you might want to link this speech by Keith Olbermann. It may have made me cry at work." I simply present it for your perusal. Don't argue politics here. You agree/disagree, link or write about it on your own journal.

(ETA, from sigma7: "And for those so inclined, the Olbermann clip at YouTube, brilliantly and passionately read.")

Coroner: Anna Nicole Son's Death "Suspicious," upgraded from "unnatural." New weird detail: "I can confirm that there was definitely a third person in the room at the time of death and I do know who that person is."

Stingrays are either being killed out of a misplaced desire for vengeance, or so fifteen different people can hawk "the stinger that killed Steve Irwin!!1!" on eBay. As for the accompanying picture, I am so weirded out by the little stingray face.

(Also, the comment that sums it up best: "Let me tell you though, those stingrays will sure think twice before killing Steve Irwin again.")

Risk of bluefin tuna disappearing from Mediterranean: WWF. I saw this on Yahoo News, except what I initially thought I saw was, Bluefin tuna disappearing from Mediterranean, WTF.

Federline spawns again.

"L&O" Rips Britney, K-Fed from the Headlines. Hee. "J-Train."

The days of swag are over--no one's picking them up at TIFF, and the Oscars are discontinuing theirs next year. Why? Taxes. Pair this with an increasing number of "Paris Hilton gets picked on/laughed at/refused entry" stories, plus the Morgan Creek exec reading Lindsay Lohan the riot act in that letter that got leaked (not even to speak of Tom Cruise, who really is celeb royalty), I'm starting to wonder if there isn't some kind of backlash forming against celebrity privilege. It's like, as the celebrity culture has gotten gaudier and more lavish over the last, let's say, ten years, there's been this trickle-down effect where everyone is expecting to be treated like royalty, instead of just the top tier. It's led to this sense of entitlement, I suspect, that is starting to piss off other people in the business. We may be tired of Paris--hell, I think we were always tired of Paris--but it's finally getting to the point where the people who enabled her pointless celebrity are getting tired of her ilk as well.

Oh, Dr. Tumnus, you're so pretty. Also, I had no idea Gillian Anderson was also in this movie. That's a bonafide '70s pantsuit she's rocking there in that one picture.

More Sweeney Todd news: Filming will begin February 5th, and Dante Spinotti will do cinematography with Colleen Atwood on costumes. I am pitifully excited about Atwood being on board, because, while I costume-fangirl her anyway, she also (and more to the point) did the Sleepy Hollow costumes. She also did the Lemony Snicket costumes, and won the Oscar for Memoirs of a Geisha and Chicago. But! People! Sleepy Hollow! Snicket! How perfect is that!

tartaruga139: Why the Head On ad is deadly effective. And really, wouldn't you agree? How many fun, witty, gorgeous ads have you watched and been completely unable to remember three seconds later what product it was trying to get you to buy? Head On? By God, you remember what it's for. The writer also makes the point that if you watch TV at all, you've seen it a hundred times, which... may explain why I haven't even seen it once. (What? I don't watch a lot of TV, y'all. I don't even mean that in a superiority-complex way; I just mean that I can only stand to look at so many screens in the course of a day, and I fill most of my quota on the internet.)

(That said, Sister Girl got off work early today, and we ended up watching Judging Amy on TNT for two hours. I never intend to watch that show, but damn if I don't get sucked in if I so much as walk past the TV when it's on. I'm really sad now that I didn't watch it during its original run.)

Well, the internets flushed that whole lonelygirl15 thing out pretty quickly. (Breaking, from thegeneralerin: a confession.)

Christopher Guest film takes a jab at Oscars.

Jane Fonda: Lindsay Needs a Hug. If by "hug" you mean "detox," I might be with you on that.

Black Sheep rears its head again. With real sheep. (Hey! It's sweinberg!)

The first eight minutes of Haven, in which Orlando Bloom attempts to look badass with firearms.

Gawker thinks that Martha Stewart's latest culinary creation looks a little... odd.

And finally, when spam gets profound: From: Davy Armstrong, Subject: refinance heartbreaking.

Breaking news: Several people shot at Montreal college. (ETA: A CNN news alert I got claims there were multiple gunmen, two of which are now both shot and/or dead.)

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