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Avast ye, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Yarrrr, me scurvy knaves and salty dogs, 'tis a misty morn on the Good Ship Split Infinitive, and we've a strong breeze in our sails. Nathless, yer good cap'n, the Dread Cleolinda, spent yonder night tossin' and turnin' in her bunk. Me sniffer be bunged up, and I be hackin' up slime beasties since the wee hours o' the morn. It be not me timbers that be shivered so much as me sinuses, arrrr.

For those of ye still at sea as to what the day be about, yer cap'n provide ye with four links:

Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19.


The Pirate's Realm.

The Pirate Game: Pirate Glossary.

A tale to warm the heart of any red-blooded sea dog: Bonny lass be receivin' the first bionic hand. In me own day, young sprats, we made do with hooks, we did, and we liked it.

(No, 'tis true, we did. Jolly times we had, openin' cans and scratchin' up landlubbers' carrrrrs with 'em.)

ursulav be a mad wench. (Yarrr, yer cap'n warns ye, yonder page may not be safe for work.)

Bonny Kythryne of Wearable Sculpture be havin' a sale on fine trinkets today, as well as givin' out free pirate boxes to a few lucky souls.

A wee fellow to put in yer crow's nest.

Master Snicket be sighted over the horizon!

Give some love to wee Pluto, poor sod.

Meanwhile, I be settlin' down to close me deadlights an' take a wee caulk for a few hours more, in hopes that the mutiny in me nose be simmerin' down some time soon.

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