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Just a few quick things

More on The Black DahliaCollapse )

All your unpleasant news in one quick burst: Man attacks wife, toddler in car. Kids missing after woman slain, fetus stolen. Rumors swirl over bin Laden's fate--that is, that he may have died of typhoid. That last one isn't unpleasant because I'm rooting for bin Laden or anything, I just want to clarify that. It's just... well. Anything war- or terrorism-related at this point, five years into this whole saga, is depressing to me.

Cosby: Let's give $8 each to build slavery museum. I felt kind of wary at first, like this was going to be kind of divisive (and let's be honest: "divisive" is often--not always, but often--a euphemism for "something that white people feel guilty about." Which is why, at the end of the day, I think he's right, he might have trouble getting donations), but he pulled me in at--
"The incentive is that they would join in with the rest of the United States of America in saying yes, as an American, I gave $8 to help build something that tells the story," he said in a teleconference with Wilder.

In a nation of some 300 million people, even a tepid response would surpass the $100 million goal, Cosby said.

He admitted this kind of campaign "generally fails badly."

"But I'm going to try again because I'm going to present this national slavery museum as a jewel that's missing in a crown."

More completely awesome jack o'lanterns. I so want to try my hand at this one next month.

This also made me smile.

Eraser worship.

The Evolution of [twentieth-century] Dance. Y'all, turn off the lights and close up the internet, it's time to go home. There will never be anything more awesome than this. Definitive proof that there is, in fact, at least one fearless, completely straight-faced, pasty white man who can dance.

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