Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

The October country

Maybe October will be better for everyone. Here's hoping.

Lamictal, day thirty: I'm up to 100 mg, which is double what I was taking on Friday. Still having a hard time reading, which is kind of bad, as I have a whole pile of Gothic short stories to (re)read--I'm going to put some links and notes into the wiki, which now has 124 pages (to be fair, some of these are "Rose: See [Rose Hannah Munro]"-type redirect pages). I have fantastic concentration for staring off into space and listening to music with a blank expression, however.

While we're on the subject, here's an example of what you might want to do with a writer's notebook-type wiki. (Can you tell I'd been thinking about this a lot? The only thing I'd been lacking, really, was a site easy enough to use, and I pretty much have that now.) I set up a character template entry that I can copy the code from and paste into any new page about a character. It's an outline with topics like Name (not just the name, period, but how or why I chose that name), Appearance, Temperament, History, and a Miscellaneous category for weird little things I sometimes come up with. Like, songs that remind me of that character, or what I think their astrological sign is, or their favorite foods or colors or whatever. (Actually, a Likes and Dislikes category would be better for that last one...) The thing is, you don't have to fill in any of these. It's just there on the page in case you do happen to think of something, or in case having that prompt makes you think of something.

I'm also setting up pages for different locations (London, Paris, etc.) where I can store and organize all my research links. On one hand, yes, something could catastrophic happen to PB Wiki and I could lose all my work. On the other hand, however, something catastrophic could happen to to my computer. On the balance, using the Wiki to back things up seems like a good idea.

Reports: Colorado school shooter ran haunted houses. And named himself the Secretary of Primal Fear. Eeeeeeeh.

First Live Free or Die Hard Set Pics. I don't think I'd realized they were actually making this. However, Maggie Q is awesome. We will allow it.

Software changes Armstrong's moon quote.

I know I mention Girls Are Pretty a good bit, but I'd gotten behind (it updates every day! Every! Day!) and spent this morning catching up. If you're not reading this, you're missing out:

So Long To Gay Sex With Straight Truckers Day!
There’ve been so many empty experiences over so many weekends, but you knew that if you kept wearing a half shirt to the truck stop parking lot, one day your prince would come along, and he would cheat on his husband with you.

Be The Whore Who Knows Too Much Day!
Today you should be a beautiful prostitute who charges thousands of dollars per hour. After one of your regular clients, a powerful world leader, has really unsettling sex with you (he likes to pretend that you and he are robins)

Your Husband Is A Witch Doctor Day!
He’ll be really good in bed until your husband turns him into a whole big pile of underfed human babies. Slide out from underneath the babies and tuck them into bed, then race home to ask your husband who the hell he expects to finish the master bathroom now. Your husband won’t be able to answer because he’ll be laughing too hard at the stain on your blouse from where one of the babies spit up earlier.

Deliver A Baby On The Subway Day!
She’ll shout that someone needs to deliver her baby for her, and everyone on the car will look at you because you’ll be wearing surgical scrubs. You aren’t a doctor. You’re just the keyboardist in a Prince and the Revolution cover band called Darling Nikki.
EVERY. DAY. I don't know how Bob Powers does it.

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