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Mostly Lostly

And within an hour of the recap, a We [Heart] Muffin group on Facebook.

Made a few icons; had to be done. Fonts are Arial Black and Fiolex Girls (the heartsy font). They're lj-cut because some international folks aren't up to season three yet.

'Lost' has puzzling season premiere.

I'm hearing now that the writers promised a gay character who would talk to Kate about a shower, so... apparently she's really not Zeke's type. Which is what I wanted to crack originally ("Oh, so Zeke's gay, then") except I thought, "Man, that's a snitty thing to say." You know, back when it was still possible that he, you know, just preferred blondes.

wyz_azz points out, "Part of that whole 'I hate you Jack' bitchfest was 'your dad called me and he was so drunk he could barely talk.' So, yeah, fix that, mofo!" I'm so dumb that I thought Sarah was saying, "When your father first called me, he was so drunk, etc., but then I got him help." And I kept expecting them to say that she got him into AA, but they never did, and I was like, "That's kind of a big leap for them to expect us to make." DUH, CLEO, HULK JACK DROVE HIS FATHER BACK TO THE BOOZE THAT WOULD KILL HIM.

Although I still want to know why, precisely, Jack's dad insisted on calling Ana-Lucia "Sarah" last season.

Also, I'm really disturbed now that Muffin's favorite book is Carrie. I could see it being The Stand, because that's a big ol' epic book. But Carrie's just... it's short and slight--I mean, it's a great book and all, but I don't see how it's the kind of thing you'd come back to over and over. Most of our favorite books have a comfort-food quality to them--something you turn to over and over, whether your comfort food is adventure or romance or humor or whatever. (If I don't end up reading the entire book, I always to go to the Jane-Rochester melodrama bits in Jane Eyre, or the parts in A Little Princess where Sara Crewe is rich and then when good things start happening for her again in the attic, or the first half of Alison Weir's Elizabeth when Elizabeth is just ascending the throne and it's a big ol' party.) I can't imagine what you'd go back to Carrie for as a favorite book.

Bride's parents charged with kidnapping.

'Peter Pan' sequel launched worldwide on centenary of creation.

Madonna's people are deny that she adopted a Malawi child. "But she is 'adopting entire country.'"

Second POTC ride to replace Tom Sawyer attraction.

Dunst Understands Boos for Her Character. Also, she looks fab.

Back to my LitGoth reading, because I've gotten behind.

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