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Yes, I know the new Lemony Snicket comes out today . Yes, I know it's the very last installment. Do not say A WORD about it until I get it this afternoon and finish reading it, okay? I WILL NOT BE SPOILED.

So. Friday the 13th. I'm trying to go through and notice good things as much as I can, because it seems like the kind of day that could be either traditionally horrible or unusually lucky. My internet keeps going in and out every three seconds, which is annoying, but it's been doing that all week. The weather is perfect and cool and sunny and gorgeous. I made muffins for breakfast, and we had exactly two eggs left for the mix. I used up the last of the milk and wanted a glass to drink, and we had an entirely new jug of milk down in the basement fridge. The muffins came out perfectly. I'm just going to keep willing the day to be nice, and we'll see how far I get with that.

Notice about contacting me: my bank sent me a new debit card, and in the thousands of years it took me to get off my ass and inform the appropriate online vendors, my website hosting services lapsed for and I've gotten them back up, but anything sent to me at either of those emails didn't get to me, apparently. From now on, I'm going to be giving out my email as either dailydigest at (which I should probably change because it has no relation to anything anymore, but everything's on that account, you know? I hate the idea of moving) or cleolinda at, which has the advantage of simply being a redirect to whichever email address I'm actually using. That's all the other two addresses ever were--redirects to the Yahoo email. And if I ever move to a different account, cleolinda at will be redirected to wherever I go, so it's probably your safest bet for getting hold of me.

(I also have a Hotmail and a Gmail account, but I rarely check them. For some reason, I just don't like the interfaces.)

It's Official: Madonna's a Mama. You know. Again.

The Secret Letter from Iraq: a soldier's candid, even funny, email, reprinted by Time magazine with the author's approval.

Hawkins Leaves The Darkness.

The only two "Im in ur" Lost icons you will ever need.

New LJ styles. I love Top Secret and Magic Paper, but I feel so attached to my current layout.

"Lost" Hit by Battleship Patinkin.

As Capote, Jones has tough act to follow. Yeah, that's kind of an understatement.

"We do not have a smoking cow at this point," said Dr. Kevin Reilly, deputy director of the Prevention Services Division of the California Department of Health Services. I don't know you, Dr. Reilly, but I kind of love you.

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October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month


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