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Spook Music Revisited

Despite the fact that each of the songs in the previous two entries had 100 downloads on them, most of them (I'm hearing) have run out. I reuploaded the entire vampire section and most of the werewolves/zombies, but finally went, you know, to hell with this--I'll just zip them up and hope the internets hold out long enough to upload 'em. So as I get those up (I'll update this entry and the previous ones as well), could someone with a really fast connection grab them and upload them to a mirror link? Please? ETA: Ah, apparently has unlimited downloads for 30 days. We'll try that after the ones I've already started at YSI finish uploading.

>> Vampires
>>>> Vampires mirror
>> Werewolves & Zombies
>>>> W&Z mirror
>> Psychopaths
>> Ghosts and Demons (MegaUpload)
>> General Menace 1 (Alice Cooper - Danny Elfman, MegaUpload)
>> General Menace 2 (David Bowie - Meat Loaf, SendSpace)
>> General Menace 3 (NIN - Siouxsie, SendSpace)
>> Atmospheric 1 (Afrika - Eleanor, SendSpace)
>> Atmospheric 2 (Iggy - Loreena, SendSpace)
>> Atmospheric 3 (Lo-Fi - Stones, SendSpace)

I also had to make an executive decision, which is this: rather than compile all the dozens (possibly 100+) reader recs/uploads, I'm going to have to let you just browse the comments and take what you want. Because I can't reupload and compile and try to write this recap, which is probably going to involve watching the episode again at ABC because I'm getting stuck because I can't remember things, only the internet hates me and FAUGH. And I hate that, because there were some fantastic recs in there. In fact, if you download nothing else, grab Jonathan Coulton's "Re: Your Brains," courtesy of dramedy, for it is to lol. And just reading the chorus lyrics doesn't convey the fact that... well, you'll see. A+, would rofl again.

Also, since people were asking for it, uploaded Nonpoint's cover of "In The Air Tonight" from the recent Miami Vice soundtrack.

Backlog of linkspam:

South African author Nadine Gordimer robbed.

Ailing 'Dilbert' cartoonist talks again. Number one, I didn't even know he was ailing. Number two... this is possibly the strangest ailment I have ever heard of.

Guitarist Andy Taylor leaves Duran Duran.

Author of blog exposing Foley fired.

Testosterone Tumbling in American Males.

Toddler stuck in vending machine for love of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Book details Poe's take on murder case. The Mary Rogers/Marie Roget story--the book itself is compared to The Devil in the White City, and reviews are "enthusiastic," although they say the author gets dragged down in textual comparisons of different versions of the story, which kind of made my heart sink, but otherwise means it's an automatic wishlister.

Vampyre club seeks new recruits. Vampyre with a Y, if you please.

Science bites myth of vampires, ghosts. This is, of course, ignoring the idea that the supernatural does not obey the laws of science, which is why the supernatural is so frickin' scary.

From particle_person: Six-word stories from famous writers, including Margaret Atwood, Joss Whedon, Frank Miller, Arthur C. Clarke, Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. Le Guin, Gregory Maguire, Kevin Smith and--look, just read 'em, okay? I'm running out of room to list people. Gaiman's may be my favorite. Interestingly, Darren Aronofsky's and Alan Moore's stories are essentially the same thing.

Holy God, a knitted Ferrari. I got the link from Dooce, who says 12 miles of yarn were involved.

All from Make a motorized Dalek pumpkin, a Cylon O' Lantern, and a Flying Spaghetti Monster costume.

The "hoax" websites of Lost. "Hoax" is perhaps too strong a word for it--"alternate reality gaming" (ARG) reflects the intent a little better.

Even headline writers let slip a little snark from time to time: Britney baby does have name, it seems.

Aiken to sing on 'Days of our Lives.'

An interesting community someone pointed me to: synaesthesis, for people (like me) whose senses work together in unusual ways--numbers or words or sounds have tastes or colors, for example. I knew that I saw numbers, and occasionally words, as having colors, but it never occurred to me that numbers could have tastes until I was reading an entry about it and thought to myself, "Well, yes, of course, 5 has always had a butterscotch pudding OH MY GOD."

Shit, my internet just went out again.

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