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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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(no subject)

God, I'm trying to work (1600 words so far. More on that later), but I have the fiercest migraine on the right side of my head.

Also, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe are breaking up. I'm way more shocked than I should be.

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I don't think it ever recieved the same controvery of the whole Brad and Jen willtheywon'tthey??? question. They down played the tension really well.

That's a very pretty icon btw.

Thanks, it's from a still from The Prestige.

NOOOOO! Not Reese and Ryan! They were the only celebrity couple I had anything slightly like an investment in. They have such cute children!

god damn it. I loved them. They were so cute at the oscars when she won best actress. Damn it damn it damn it.

well that ruined my day...

(Deleted comment)
Now THERE'S an image for you! I think Reese should get a t-shirt that says "NO MORE FAIRIES OMG!"

I'm shocked, too. They were together for so long.

WHAT?! Nooooooooooooooooo!

Okay, I called it ages ago, but it's still sad to hear. :(

Can you take an icepack break?

This is my migraine icon--I find that an icepack right over the pain site for 20 minutes to half an hour will ramp the migraine back considerably.

Oh jeez, hope you feel better. I just found out a close family friend died, so my day is coming along well too. (He was 94, so it could have been worse, but my mom says the doctors didn't try to save him very hard because they said "he's 94." Grrr.)

I'm so sorry to hear that. She and I went to school together once upon a time. I haven't seen her in a few years, but even after her career took off she was always grounded and sincere.

They just always seemed like they were trying really hard to make it work. And I've always admired her for being so strong and professional.

I'm surprised they were together. When did that happen?

I knew they were together, but I kinda didn't want to know. I always loathed Ryan Philippe, so I was always like, "Really? Him? Really!? That's the best you could come up with? Well, whatever."

Um... I hate to interrupt your working, and I'm sorry about the migraine... but can I ask...

Are we getting a Lost recap soon?


I'll send you baked goods. Mom will bake, I'll pay postage.

I know, I'm horribly behind on that. I'm trying to get it done before the new episode goes up.

No wai!

Wouldn't have expected that, myself. Sheesh.

they were one of my favorite couples because they had a family and worked hard together. really sucks.

I am so sad about Reese and Ryan :(

Awwww Reese and Ryan.

I love Cruel Intentions. ;_;