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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Consider it an early Halloween present

God, I'm trying to work (1600 words so far. More on that later)

This is what I was talking about. Yeah, the "I probably can't do it and I promise nothing" thing: very frequently a way of psyching myself out in reverse so I actually can do something. And if I can't manage to do it--well, I said I couldn't, right?

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Damn. Good work. Can't read it yet (as I think I'll get dragged to see it soon), but still, bravos for getting it done -- kudos muchly. Can't wait to read it.

Yeah, do try to stay strong on the spoiler front. And it's only 2700 words, so it's not like it was all that much. : )

But still, it was cool you got it out so fast.

Yarha, Impressed

that was *quality*

Hi. This isn't really connected with your post, but I was wondering if you would be so kind as to link Light a Million Candles in your next linkspam. It's a website advocating against online child pornography, and I think it's really important that we get the word out there, that it's really happening, one of the more unfortunate products of the internet. Anyway, it would mean a lot if you did. Thank you!

I think your M15 comm went off paid status? It looks different.

Hmm, that would explain a lot. I thought LJ was just being stupid about the Halloween style, but maybe not. Thing is, I can't afford to renew it even if it has expired, so I'll have to find a free layout with a white background that doesn't look like total ass.

Ahhhhh another reason to get my butt to the theatre to see this movie. Thanks in advance, though =]

OMG! You are the best! Thankyouthankyouthankyousqueeee...*off to read furiously* *end fangirl rambling*

I'll have to wait till I see the movie (soon, hopefully!) but THANK YOU very VERY MUCH for writing another m15m.

You have no idea how happy you make me.

(Deleted comment)
Piper Perabo, playing a magician's assistant and, at that point in the movie, Hugh Jackman's wife. She's only in the beginning for literally three scenes, but she has a lovely costume. : )

i'm very excited that you did this! I'm seeing this after work today, so i'm going to wait until afterwards to read it :D

Awesome! Now I really have to see this movie.

Sad to hear there's no word on a North American release. So definitely nothing by Christmas then. :(

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