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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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I Survived the Great LJ Outage of 2006 and All I Got Was This Stupid Entry

We are a household of crabby women snapping at each other. Big fun.

The Great Flea Epidemic of 2006: Possibly the first time I've been able to say that I'm glad Lucky's not here for this. The poms spent the morning at the vet getting washed and shot and dipped and powdered and expressed and clipped and God knows what else. Meko, being blind, sticks to a few favorite places downstairs, but we've got to wash, steam and/or launder everything Sam's touched to keep the fleas from coming back, including but not limited to the couch in the front living room, the couch in the den, my carpet, my bedspread, and the cat. Bad Cat, by the way, just keeps walking around yowling for no apparent reason. S/he's not usually very chatty, but the last week or so, for some reason, s/he's just been walking around constantly going "MAO. MAO. MAO! MAOOOOO." Apparently the Cat of Indeterminate Gender is now also a Communist. Dirty pinko cat. S/he has no idea what's coming, by the way--rather than take THE CAT TO THE VET, my mother compromised by leaving the cat at home and begging the vet for some kind of neutron flea bomb. The vet responded with a pill that is guaranteed to "knock the fleas off." I'm not sure if the fleas are meant to be dead before or after they're knocked off, or how soon after ingestion this is going to happen, or what the radius of knocked fleas flying is going to be, and if maybe we can put the cat in the bathtub before this all goes down, but apparently it's going to be effective.

Also, I was promised that Sister Girl and her boyfriend would be gone at an Alabama game all day, and they are still here. Why are they still here? LEAAAAVE.

Music downloads: For some reason, I remembered that old song "Runaway" and decided to, uh, acquire it. I ended up with the original Del Shannon version (more atmospheric) and the Traveling Wilburys' version (less shrill), as well as a "psychobilly" instrumental cover (look, I'm just telling you what the label says). I saw a Bonnie Raitt cover but didn't get to grab it, and Shannon himself rerecorded it in 1986 or thereabouts as the theme song to a show called Crime Story, which, in fact, was the first time I ever heard it. Yes, I was seven. Anyone got any other versions? (I refer you to this article at the Dread Wikipedia as to which songs titled "Runaway" are actually versions of the Shannon song and not completely different songs written by other artists.)

I'm still working on the Lost recaps, by the way. A quick check revealed that the previous two were 4200 and 4000 words, respectively, if that gives you any idea of work going into it.



Ellen Burstyn sounds off on her Emmy nod.

In an interview with AP Radio, the 73-year-old Academy Award winner spoke publicly for the first time about her Emmy nod: "When they told me I was nominated for that I went, `What, are you kidding?'"

Burstyn's cameo in "Mrs. Harris" lasted 14 seconds, with her speaking a total of 38 words.

"I thought it was fabulous," she said. "My next ambition is to get nominated for seven seconds, and, ultimately, I want to be nominated for a picture in which I don't even appear."

I think Ellen Burstyn is my new favorite person.

Daniel Craig getting rave early reviews for performance as Bond. Also, my mother, the devout Clive Owenist, has finally cracked under the strain of multiple commercials and admitted, somewhat reluctantly, that she will go see Casino Royale because she "ought to see what it's like." But she won't enjoy it, dammit.

From sweinberg: Bill O'Reilly Wants to Ban Horror Movies (and is a Moron).

Wal-Mart cuts prices for holidays: "First, toys, now electronics. Wal-Mart, which began discounting its holiday toys in mid-October, announced on Friday deep price cuts on almost 100 electronics, setting the stage for price wars in advance of the holiday season."

Gathering of Joneses sets world record. Aww, nobody told me! "Organizers persuaded Joneses to travel to the event from as far away as New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Canada. 'I'm very spontaneous, but people thought I was crazy,' said Doug Jones, 59, of New Windsor, Md., who decided to travel to Wales after learning about the event from a newspaper ad two and a half weeks ago. 'It's part of being a Jones, being wild and crazy.' "

Naked man arrested for concealed weapon. Oh. Oh dear.

Nude couple's feud ends at Waffle House.

3-month old baby charged with robbery.

Professor's Bigfoot research criticized.

catvalente: "My first major press novel just came out...I wonder if you'd be willing to link to it in your next linklist? It's a big, sprawling series of interconnected fairy tales, with all manner of monsters and gods and pirates, many, many pirates." IIRC, catvalente's novel The Labyrinth also got excellent reviews. I have a copy; I'm just a terrible person who hasn't gotten to read it yet. But I haven't read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell or The Historian yet, either, so, you know: good company.

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This outage at least came with a warning! I think everyone was prepared with more of a life for such occasions. XD

(Deleted comment)
Apparently Jeff Lynne (who was in the Wilburys at the time) was producing Shannon's final album, and Shannon was possibly going to take over for the late Roy Orbison in the TWs, but Shannon himself died first. So it's interesting listening to the TW cover of the song.

(I still want to hear the Crime Story version again.)

(Deleted comment)
"You can't get much more concealed than that," Horgan said.
I can't even look at the title of the article without giggling. That quote made it even funnier.

I'm giggling, too. :)

John Sheehan, 33, of Pittsburg, was initially arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure.

SUSPICION of indecent exposure?! He was naked, for goodness sake!

:( Fleas suck hard. Last year, the only thing that got rid of them was bathing Joxur then dosing him with Advantage and bombing the house twice.

Yeah, doses of Advantage or Advantix or what the hell ever have been administered to all three animals. I just hope it doesn't come down to a flea bomb. Because it's probably going to be set off in my room.

The story of that professor made me sad. The fact that he "gets funny looks and the silent treatment from other scientists, and is not invited to share coffee with the other science professors" just shows such incredible pettiness. You can disagree with somebody, even intensely disagree with them, and yet remain polite. To make somebody an outcast is a very serious matter and says more about a person than believing in Bigfoot does.

Professor's Bigfoot research criticized.

I first read this as Professor Bigfoot's research, and got way too excited :(


Good god! TAKE THE CAT TO THE VET! On the bad side, this is gonna crash the Glitter market. Best dump your shares.

When we took the stray dog we discovered in our side yard to the vet, they gave him a pill to knock the veritable metropolis of fleas off him. It takes about 45 minutes to kick in, and hand to god, if you looked closely, you could SEE the fleas fall off. I think they were dead, but honestly, I wasn't going to get close enough to look.

That poor puppy, he'd been dumped and had been living on his own for at least 6 weeks. On top of Flea Tokyo taking up residence in his hair, he also had a raging case of hookworm. That took a week of icky paste to go away.

Hate to break it to you, but the Alabama game's been over since, like, four o'clock. *got stuck in gameday traffic and finally gave up on getting to The Prestige, as was twenty minutes late*

Well, I actually wrote the entry sometime this morning. Stupid LJ.

Glitter is good, I take it?

It is teh yum--a really soft, sweet pear note. "All flash and glam: white wine, heliotrope, d'Anjou pear, and lotus."

(Deleted comment)
If I get to see it, it won't be until tomorrow.

OMG! I live right near the place where that man was found with his, ahem, concealed weapon. My apartment is by the BART tracks and I walk by that trail everyday on my way to the bus stop.

Here I thought it was a nice neighborhood.

It's a very nice neighborhood!

*boggles at the report*

Hi there! I'm a big fan of your Movies in Fifteen Minutes. Keep up the great work. I'm watching Titanic right now and I think you should one day do that as one. That would be really funny. All of a sudden I take different perspectives on some of my favorite movies and think "How would she write this part of the movie?" Then it makes the movies a lot better haha. - Krista

Aww, thanks. I did Titanic, actually--it was in the book I did that came out last year. Unfortunately, you can only get it by ordering from Amazon UK (sadface).

If you ever decide you want to collect covers of "House of the Rising Sun" I'm your woman. I have a folder with about 40 versions. I have been having a ball making halloween collections, egged on from your posts the other day, btw.

My cats had fleas for the longest time and they WOULDN'T GO AWAY! We tried flea collars, flea bombs, the works. I got so many bites *shudder* That aside, I saw Marie Antonette. I liked it, but then again I like history and can sit through a movie with almost no dialogue as long as it has pretty costumes (plenty of those). I hope you like it too!