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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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It seems like a good day. The sun's come back out, I feel inexplicably better, and Sister Girl's bringing me home a milkshake for lunch.

Resurgent Democrats win control of House.

Democrats won control of the House early Wednesday after a dozen years of Republican rule in a resounding repudiation of a war, a president and a scandal-scarred Congress.

"From sea to shining sea, the American people voted for change," declared Rep. Nancy Pelosi (news, bio, voting record), the hard-charging California Democrat in line to become the nation's first female House speaker. "Today we have made history," she said, "now let us make progress."

Democrats had captured 26 Republican-controlled seats, and no Democratic incumbent had lost by early Wednesday. Races were too close to call in more than a dozen seats, making it impossible to know how large the Democratic margin would be. Still, 2006 already was an eerie reversal of 1994, when the GOP gained 54 seats in a wave that toppled Democrats after four decades. No Republican incumbent lost that year.

Ethics woes, the war and overall anger toward Bush appeared to drive voters to the Democrats, according to surveys by The Associated Press and the television networks of voters as they left voting places. Several traditionally hard-fought demographic groups were choosing Democrats, including independents, moderates, and suburban women. Those exit polls also showed that three in four voters said corruption was very important to their vote, and they tended to vote Democratic. In a sign of a dispirited GOP base, most white evangelicals said corruption was very important to their vote — and almost a third of them turned to the Democrats. Two out of three voters called the war very important to them and said they leaned toward the Democrats, while six in ten voters said they disapproved of the war. About the same number said they were dissatisfied with the president — and they were far more likely to vote Democratic. Additionally, eight in ten voters called the economy very important to their House vote, and those who said it was extremely important — about four in ten voters — turned to Democrats.

Meanwhile, from ysabel: "Short version: cheesecake for a good cause, defraying the medical bills of a cancer patient." Who wants to get naked to help Heather lick cancer? The answer: http://www.limeproject.org, where you can buy a calendar ("100% of the proceeds go to defray Heather's medical bills") to help Heather, aka yourhermione, beat Hodgkins Lymphoma. ysabel, by the way, says that she herself is May.

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woooo here's hoping for the senate

Rumsfeld's dead, he's gone, the elephant is dying, whoooooo!

Excuse me, I'm a little excited.

OMG ICON! Is it gankable? It is so, so awesome.

It is indeed gankable, if you would please credit avalon76 as she was kind enough to make it for me this morning.

Oh, awesome. Most clever of you both! Thanks!

Although come to think of it, it should probably say "winning" instead of "stealing."

Your icon cracks me the hell up.

I hadn't heard of the Lime Project until just now, so imagine my surprise as I am clicking through the model bios, only to find that a good friend of mine happens to be Miss September. Now it will feel all too weird and pervy to actually buy a calendar!

It's OK to be pervy for a good cause, though. You can just cut out a paper dress and stick it over your friend. ("Seriously, I love you, but keep your nipples to yourself, chica."

I wish I could say I had the fortitude to actually buy the calendar and not look at her picture, but I know myself, and though it would only be a guilty peek, I know that the image of her nakedness would ever be in the forefront of my mind whenever I saw her next, and that is not something I am prepared to live with. She is too much like a sister - albeit a sexy, sexy sister - for me to brook such thoughts.

(Deleted comment)
Forgive my butting in completely randomly, but I just wanted to say:

Mike Rowe icon, yays!

Thank you, that is all :D

"The sun's come back out, I feel inexplicably better"

Is it possible that the two are connected? Many people with bipolar also suffer some degree of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I've been spared that particular one, but easily 3/4 of my old support group had it.

Now I want a milkshake and a nudie calendar. *plots for next paycheck*

I totally called this outcome to a coworker and my mother. And I'm ridiculously happy that democrats took back the majority. Partly because it shows how much people are sick of Bush!

This is how sad I am:

Resurgent Democrats win control of House

My first thought: what about Cuddy? And Foreman?

And Rumsfeld's coming here tomorrow to give a lecture. Oh, this should be awesome.

If only Pelosi didn't have that awful laugh...

That's my biggest worry going forward... how am I going to bear to watch/listen to her??? For some reason, she really grates on my nerves.

Not sure when this was aired, but you've got to see this! It's hysterical!!!
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Not sure when this was aired, but you've got to see this! It's hysterical!!! <a href=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkxRsrpsAcQ target="_blank>Will Ferrell sings "Music of the Night"</a>

Seems like I had a misplaced quote mark... darnit.

Not sure when this was aired, but you've got to see this! It's hysterical!!! Will Ferrell sings "Music of the Night"

Cleo, I know you follow Lemony Snicket, so I'd thought you'd like to know that his latest novel as Daniel Handler is going to be turned into a film.


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