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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Quick linkspam
msauvage purple

Britney's looking to give a respectable magazine first dibs on pictures of her second child.... at no charge. Why? Because money from photos sold was agreed, in the prenup, to go to FedEx. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Dumped by text? Britney's ex joins growing club. What, you say? Witness FedEx's humiliation here. Hang in there until about 1:30.

Cate Blanchett puts film on hold to be the artistic director of the Sydney Theatre Company. She's got three films coming out right now and three in post-production, so I'm not exactly in mourning yet.

Humiliated frat boys sue 'Borat' (AP)

The lawsuit claims that in October 2005, a production crew took the students to a bar to drink and "loosen up" before participating in what they were told would be a documentary to be shown outside of the United States. "They were induced to agree to participate and were told the name of the fraternity and the name of their school wouldn't be used," said the plaintiffs' attorney, Olivier Taillieu. "They were put into an RV and were made to believe they were picking up Borat the hitchhiker." After a bout of heavy drinking, the plaintiffs signed a release form they were told "had something to do with reliability issues with being in the RV," Taillieu said.
I grant you, all of this is shady. At the same time? No one told the boys to say that it would be totally awesome to have slaves again, and that you gotta fuck bitches and then leave them. They're basically suing the production for tricking them into letting their ids out. The production might be responsible for that deception, but they're not responsible for those ids.

Emma Thompson on writer's block ("What I tend to do is lie in a fetal position under my desk and weep for a while") and parental discipline ("I will not give you Daniel Radcliffe's number").

Sent in by so many, many people: Will Ferrell, Phantom of the Opera.

The Liberal Agenda revealed ("Mandatory homosexuality"; "Ban Christmas: replace with Celebrate our Monkey Ancestors Day").

Chuck strikes a pose. Also, he may be a vampire. I'm not sure.

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My favorites are still the "King Chuck" ones where he has the shorts on his head arranged to look like a pharaoh headdress.

Ah, Fed-ex... Xinhua is reporting that the fatal text message caught on film was I H8 U, loser!. So classy.

The Davy Jones costume beside that Emma Thompson article may be one of the best things ever.

My God, if Ferrell wasn't trying to ham it up, he'd've made a better Phantom than Gerard.

I know, holy crap, Will Ferrell can actually sing!

I thought you might appreciate this.

(Deleted comment)
On the Right was right blog, you can add your own.

Apple pie will be banned. The new staple American dessert shall be pot brownies.


We will immediately redirect the majority of our trade to Cuba and Venezuela, replacing the FOX News channel with looped documentaries about the magnificence and benevolence of Chavez and Castro. Intermingled will be public service announcements about the newest officially sanctioned Politically Correct American jargon. There will also be educational programming about how to correctly honor our French linguistic heritage by ignoring the consonants in words such as "croissant" . . .

Experts on cell phone and text message use and etiquette.
This is a real JOB?

I still want to be Emma Thompson when I grow up. In general, "she is completely comfortable as herself and just gets on with life" terms.

It cracks me up (or makes me wail at the heavens) when interviewers ask healthy looking actors like Thompson and Winslet what they think of the skinny-actress-phenomenon. But then, Love Actually pissed me off, as it seemed to be a series of stories about forty-something emo men finding ego satisfaction with women twenty years younger.

Thnaks for the super links, as usual.

*snerk* You know, that does actually sum the movie up rather neatly, doesn't it? Sad but true.

(I was forced to watch it during my one-week fling-like thing with The Girl From New York. It was... eh. The movie, not the fling.)

Way to go, Britney. Start using the kid to get back at the ex before the ink is even dry on the separation agreement. Classy.

Well, to be fair, he started it.

I find it a little shady that a pack of frat boys didn't know who Borat was.

Hey, maybe they didn't have HBO.

What I find particularly funny about that fedex video is that he's going on and on about how much Brit love him and supports him, and the next day she files for divorce. That is beyond priceless.

She practically files while he's speaking! It's fantastic.

Damn Britney, that's cold-blooded (and AWESOME).

I love Emma Thompson. SO MUCH.

OMG so funny. And someone over on that website for the Liberal Agenda has an icon that says "I'm in UR Congress Taking UR Seatz"

Which reminds me of the funny icons of Sawyer in his cage.

Aww man, I based a character in my screenplay on Cate Blanchette...ah well, I'll have Emma Thompson do it, as she's my favorite actress anyway. :p

On an unrelated note, I'm celebrating the Anniversary today of posting every single bloody day for two whole years on my lj, even Christmas, New Years, days family and cats died (I'm compulsive)...so after 730 days straight of posting I was curious as to whether anyone on this journal has posted that many days in a row, or more even.

I know my lj is mostly rants, raves, and boring anecdotes about my day, but to keep myself writing at least once a day every single day for that long, has been quite an interesting feat.

cheers here's to two years

Huh, I have no idea. I've posted for three years, but certainly not every day.

Emma Thompson needs to be in everything. I'm starting a petition to make her the Eleventh Doctor whenever Tennant decides to regenerate.

My initial reaction to your comment was, "That's very cute. Fannish, but cute." Then I thought about it for a moment.


It'd never happen, of course, but it would be entertaining.