Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

More quick linkspam before Marie Antoinette

Oscar-winning actor Jack Palance dies at 87.

Catholic nun gets 30 years for Rwanda genocide.

megmatthews20: "On an unrelated note, I'm celebrating the Anniversary today of posting every single bloody day for two whole years on my lj, even Christmas, New Years, days family and cats died (I'm compulsive) after 730 days straight of posting I was curious as to whether anyone on this journal has posted that many days in a row, or more even."

What this reminded me of was that Halloween was this journal's third birthday, and I forgot to mention it. (I certainly didn't post every day, though.)

The "bloop," as recorded in 1997. The video itself directs us to Wikipedia: "Coincidentally, the geographic coordinates of the sound are somewhat close to those given by H.P. Lovecraft for the lost city of R'lyeh in his Cthulhu stories." The article also suggests that it's bigger than a blue whale, the largest mammal on the planet--either an even bigger whale, or possibly a really, really big cephalopod. Soooo... it's either Cthulhu, a supergigundo whale, or the kraken. And we haven't heard from it since 1997, so there's no telling where it is now. I don't feel so good about this.

Go Fug Yourself: I just like the guy's t-shirt.

And, finally: Happy birthday Unca Neil!

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