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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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More quick linkspam before Marie Antoinette
msauvage purple

Oscar-winning actor Jack Palance dies at 87.

Catholic nun gets 30 years for Rwanda genocide.

megmatthews20: "On an unrelated note, I'm celebrating the Anniversary today of posting every single bloody day for two whole years on my lj, even Christmas, New Years, days family and cats died (I'm compulsive)...so after 730 days straight of posting I was curious as to whether anyone on this journal has posted that many days in a row, or more even."

What this reminded me of was that Halloween was this journal's third birthday, and I forgot to mention it. (I certainly didn't post every day, though.)

The "bloop," as recorded in 1997. The video itself directs us to Wikipedia: "Coincidentally, the geographic coordinates of the sound are somewhat close to those given by H.P. Lovecraft for the lost city of R'lyeh in his Cthulhu stories." The article also suggests that it's bigger than a blue whale, the largest mammal on the planet--either an even bigger whale, or possibly a really, really big cephalopod. Soooo... it's either Cthulhu, a supergigundo whale, or the kraken. And we haven't heard from it since 1997, so there's no telling where it is now. I don't feel so good about this.

Go Fug Yourself: I just like the guy's t-shirt.

And, finally: Happy birthday Unca Neil!

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I have to do it: "I crap bigger than this obituary."

(Goodbye, Mr. Palance. You were fun to watch as you did your thing, even in that one movie which ended up being mocked by MST3K. May the afterlife treat you well.)

i am saddened about Jack *sniffle*

RIP Curly *bows head*

Jack Palance was still alive?

Jack Palance: dead at 87.
Believe it... ...Or not...

We're gonna miss ya, ya big ol' creepy raspy lug.

Re: The Bloop and its proximity to the R'Lyeh coordinates.
I have a bad feeling about this...

Someone sent me this website recently where you can watch episodes of certain TV shows online. The video quality isn't always the best (some are just links to youtube) and sometimes there are random Chinese subtitles but all 3 seasons of LOST are there and there are a bunch of other new shows too and also some cartoons and anime.


And I don't know how long this video has been around but it always makes me laugh. Muffins: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-4LWE5SsNQ

Whoa. A nun! Thats kind of disturbing. Ok, more than kind of.

after priests raping children becoming common knowledge, i'm sad to say this nun bizness is not one micron of surprising.

In re: Bloop: Spectacular fun to watch, horribly creepy to think about. :<

Holy crap. I need that shirt RIGHT NOW.

The bloop thing seriously freaks me out.

Man, Cthulhu better be coming for that nun. And ridden by Jack Palance in full Curly regalia.

She got thirty years for conspiring to murder hundreds of people? Man.

Re the bloop: I am now...vaguely terrified O_o

Re the Sexy Back shirt: That reminds me, you might find this amusing...

Speaking of bringing sexy back, you might like this

Bringing Paxil Back

And regarding Lost:

What to do if you have Lost Discussion Deficiency Syndrome

And I haven't really been into icon making this season, but I'm growing to love Alex, and I couldn't help but make this one today:

Dude, that bloop is freaky. I couldn't even listen to the whole thing. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow, when it's light outside.

if that tool guy's "bringin sexy back, he probly shoulda just left it where it died.

{having a flashback to the Sifl & Olly episode featuring: "and rots... and rots... electric babaLOOIE, and rots..."}


RIP Jack. Your defining moment will always be ALONE IN THE DARK (1980's) for me!

re BLOOP- I'm putting my money on a Megalodon...

Of course, the Bloop could merely be the result of multiple living creatures emitting a 'synchronous vibration'.

That said, the idea that fifty blue whales got together in the deep Pacific and harmonized for the length of a Ramones track is in some ways weirder than the megasquid theory.

Bloop just freaked my cat's freak.

She is now under my bed. *points at icon* She's hiding indeed.

Thanks a lot, Cthulu!!!

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