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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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marie antoinette

Okay, I'm curious: how are people doing on their NaNoWriMos? Because... I am not doing so well. In the sense that I didn't even open Word several days this week.

jennnk: "Don't know if you've seen this (NY Times, might have to log in), but one of the targets of Dateline's 'To Catch a Predator' series killed himself rather than getting taken by police. A bit more serious than that usual linkspam, but more important than Lohan could ever hope to be." To wit:

Prosecutor Kills Himself in Texas Raid Over Child Sex

Allison Gollust, an NBC News spokeswoman, said the crew for Dateline NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” series was taping as the police approached the house. But Ms. Gollust added that no one from Dateline had had contact with Mr. Conradt and that there was nothing to suggest that he had seen the crew before he turned the gun on himself.

“There’s absolutely no evidence that would suggest that he was aware of us,” Ms. Gollust said. “We don’t anticipate making a change to our reporting.”

Unlike some suspects in pedophile stings that appear on “Dateline NBC,” Mr. Conradt had not actually met the person he thought was the teenager, but Sergeant Robertson said he planned to do so. Perverted Justice staff members found profiles from Mr. Conradt on AOL, Yahoo and MySpace.com, Mr. Von Erck said. He also said that he thought Mr. Conradt had tried to erase at least one online profile, on MySpace.com, a popular online social networking community used mainly by teenagers, in the moments before he shot himself.

Venice mayor: Flood barriers a mistake.

FedEx threatens to sell sex tape. Britney can either give him $30M and the kids, or he'll sell it for $50M. On one hand, I don't want the useless sleaze to get any of her money--or anyone else's--but on the other, I'm hoping some quiet philanthropist will buy it up and nuke it from orbit. Haven't we all suffered enough?

'Borat' banks $29M, keeps top movie spot (AP). Okay, this time, I actually saw it coming. By contrast, Stranger Than Fiction debuted with less than half that sum, which, sadly, I also saw coming. (Want to seeee!)

Maguire's fiancee gives birth to girl; world replies, "He was dating someone?"

Ban religion, says Elton John. Oh... oh dear.

Kylie Minogue dazzles in return to stage. Make sure you check out the accompanying picture of La Minogue in her Satine-esque showgirl costume.

New items at the Noble Collection, including new Harry Potter character wands (I actually woke up this morning from a dream where Lupin was complaining bitterly that replicas of his wand were for sale); a completely awesome Narnia wardrobe jewelry chest that I would snap up if the NC prices weren't ridiculous; and all of Captain Jack's rings, from people who, if I didn't know better, I would think were reading my journal.

modpixie: "According to a source on i_heart_sofia (I know, I know) the news about the Tipping the Velvet movie is fake and Sofia is not happy. Which, granted, is news from a random person on the internet, but there's so much that looks wrong with that news report..." As I said in the comments to my original entry on the subject, there were so many things that struck me as being off about the article: Longoria quoted as emphatically saying "It's true"; Beyoncé (who, as someone else mentioned, criticized the Madonna-Britney kiss by saying that Jesus would never let her do that) and Eva Longoria being "excited" about filming love scenes, which, let's face it, no one actually filming them is ever "excited" about; Beyoncé and Longoria being cast in the first place in a novel about 19th-century lesbians; and the idea that if anyone's going to get revisionist-diversity about something, it would be Sofia Coppola. I'm not saying she wouldn't; I'm just saying she's never expressed any interest in that direction. If you'd said Mira Nair was going to direct, given her slightly Indian-flavored adaptation of Vanity Fair, I could possibly believe it. And if you go to the i_heart_sofia entry, the original poster is claiming that Coppola is really, really pissed about the article.

Is a burrito a sandwich? Judge says no.

25 years later, Luke and Laura wed again. "Seeking a place where he could freely walk unrecognized, [Anthony Geary] moved all the way to Amsterdam, where he still lives today. 'He'd go to events and women would come up to him and go, "Rape me, Luke," which I guess is a bit disorienting,' Hinsey [editor of Soap Opera Weekly] said." Understatement Weekly was unavailable for comment.

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Ugh. Did anybody bother to mention to FedEx that you don't actually get a monetary award for being the biggest asstard on the planet? Because I think doing so might make him go away.

I'm behind on my NaNo, too. *sighs, pokes it with a stick*

How far did you get? I didn't even make 10K before life imploded on me.

That is AWESOME. Too bad it didn't make it on the news.

I can't believe the "burrito or sandwich?" case actually went to court. Geez.

Niiiiiiice icon. Where'd you get it?

Okay, I'm curious: how are people doing on their NaNoWriMos? Because... I am not doing so well. In the sense that I didn't even open Word several days this week.

You're not alone. I had a week of Not Caring Like Whoa. I'm at 14K as of late last night, but I have a lot of catching up to do.

Ban religion, says Elton John. Oh... oh dear.

Aaaaand....cue the spooge! How much do you want to bet this will be all over otf_wank in no time? Any takers? ...No?

(Elton, I see your point, I do. But you're not helping.)

I think it may already be up at clairvoyantwank, actually.

(I have 23 words on my NaNo...)

I haven't even finished chapter 1 yet, but I'm confident that I'll work well under the pressure of the last week. :D

Admittedly, I've mostly been holing up and writing the minimum possibly last thing at night before bed, but I'm more or less doing it just to amuse myself, rather than attempting to produce anything actually worth reading... and it's evolved into a rough series of events delinating a timeline for my other project instead of a sequel.

I keep trying to tell myself that anything productive that comes out of this means that I "win," but at the same time... I want to finish just to say that I did. Fnarrrr.

My NaNo's going pretty badly. The story's pretty good, but I'm averaging maybe 500 words a day. Last night I cranked out a record 3000, but... I'm about 10,000 words behind. At least.

I've got a couple days where I didn't write anything, and two where 159 was my highest wordcount. *grimace*

I've discovered that hot tea with far too much sugar in it helps.

Meh. Decided to have my own NaNoWriMo when I'm damned good and ready to write. Too much going on in my life. Plus, if my writing starts to feel forced, the quality goes down the toilet.

I'll just provide a shoulder to cry on for my NaNo participant friends. ^_^

I know there are some folks who felt that March might work better for them--you might try it then.

I'm, uh, probably about 15,000 words behind, because classes kill me during the week and I zone out on the weekends. That and I'm very lazy for some reason this month.

I'll catch up somehow! (I'm banking on the 5 hours in a car next weekend for that, ahheh.)

Also behind... at close to 6,000 words, which isn't awful, but definitely not where I should be. Mostly because real life is hard! And I had an emergency baby afghan crochet project, which did get finished (although I think I injured my thumb crocheting that fast) and wrote hardly anything those couple days.

The problem is that I'd so much rather go through and reread everything every time, and then I get distracted with tiny little edits, which is so not the point. And also, that I kind of know what scenes I really need, but not at all how to write them.

But I don't want to say that I might not finish, because then it's like giving up early.

My NaNo was going swimmingly, and then...urgh.

Hey, Elton's not poor. Maybe he can redeem his foot in his mouth by paying off Mr. F.?

NaNo - I gave up after 1,000 words. Pathetic? Oh, yes, yes. But pathetic with panache.

Also, in case this is of interest to you - Sony BMG's peeps have arranged a Childrin R Skary/Danny Elfman contest where three entrants will win a copy of Elfman's new CD. Don't know if you're interested, but it involves a wee bit of creative writing, so if you or anyone you know would like to participate, please get thee to my LJ! Cuz it's Danny Elfman, y'know?

Yay! I'll be sure to mention it. : )

I'm unbelievably behind on NaNo - like, slightly above 6000, and a good amount of what I wrote today is just gushing about Hugh Jackman, because I was watching Van Helsing, and therefore so was my character. Yeah, I have no shame.

KFed...the thing that makes me wonder is - isn't that blackmail, essentially? "Do what I want or the sex tape is sold." And I hope that whoever buys it realizes that, while they're getting Britney on that tape, they're going to have to sit through the KFed parts as well. Yuck.