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Okay, I buckled down last night and got out 4000 words or so. Basically, I went through and figured out which as-yet-unwritten scene stuck out most vividly for me, and I sat down and wrote that. This happened to be the central death scene in the story, but hey, it worked.

Sony BMG and Childrin R Skary have teamed up for a caption contest where the winner gets the new Danny Elfman CD, whee!

Gerald Ford is now the longest-living U.S. president.

Jude Law and Sienna Miller split up. Again.

Best Week Ever outs Perez Hilton as an asshole.

'Borat' victims upset at being duped. It seems like the humor coach, naturally enough, is the only one who seems to understand the point of the enterprise, although I don't blame the morning show producer (see: the scene where Borat accosts the weatherman) who got fired afterwards for being upset.

'Whiter Shade of Pale' now a court case.

Angelina Jolie gets on full Mumbai train. This is kind of an odd headline, when what they're actually trying to get across is that the Daniel Pearl biopic was filming in India: "In Mumbai on Monday, Jolie sporting a pale blue T-shirt and khaki trousers stood in a queue to purchase a ticket. Then Jolie and [Dan Futterman, playing Daniel Pearl], also casually dressed wearing jeans and a white shirt, boarded a train. They were escorted by bodyguards who held back young students yelling Jolie's name. Curious onlookers collected outside the train station to catch a glimpse of Jolie. Street scenes were also filmed of Jolie and Futterman walking near the Gateway of India, a popular tourist destination in downtown Mumbai. The movie stars then filmed inside a hair salon and a restaurant."

Sadly, my primary reaction to this story was, "If Mariane Pearl was Dutch/Afro-Cuban, I still don't know why they--Dan Futterman! I LOVE HIM!"

kosher_jenny: "Speaking about that Dateline show [see previous entry], apparently the guy behind this show is a majorly creepy character. Personally, I find the show's whole concept to be vile and of the worst sort exploitation."

You know, I thought the first show they did was kind of awesome. That, and I'm a collector of the absurd, so when I heard about Guy #2 walking right past Guy #1 Getting Arrested on the Neighbor's Lawn to get to his alleged jailbait, I thought, "Okay, that is going in the notebook." But as they've done more and more of these shows--I haven't seen any of them after the one I saw, whichever it was--something has struck me as ineffably oogy about the whole thing, and I couldn't figure out what. I think now that it's this: the first show was, in a way, a public service. Look how easy it is for predators to talk to your teens and children online, look how easy it is for them to meet them in person, look at how they turn out to be the people you'd least suspect. But subsequent shows by definition had none of that preventative novelty--they were more in the vein of, "So you liked that, huh? Well, here's a whole bunch more." They pander more to trainwreck syndrome--trainwreck sadism, even--than to public awareness, and I think that's kind of the vibe I'm getting off this guy. That, and the fact that he seems a lot like your garden-variety celebutroll.

Also, with eerie prescience: "The arrangement, and the fact that the shows involve cooperation with law enforcement, has some NBC News staff apoplectic. 'We've crawled into bed with the cops. People think this will be the pickup truck for the new decade,' says one Dateline producer, referring to the notorious episode in 1993 in which Dateline was caught faking exploding gas tanks in GM trucks. 'One of these guys is going to go home and shoot himself in the head.' "

Meanwhile, lilgoala: "The Oklahoma man who was killed over the land dispute? Played Neopets. It was so weird to read your linkspam about it and then read about it again on a Neopets fansite forum."

Subversive Cross-Stitch (I think "Truthiness" is my favorite).

divabat: "V" Meets the Secret Service.

Flying Spaghetti Monster sighted in Germany. Ramen.

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