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Cranked out 3000-something words today, and I was impressed that I cranked out anything two days in a row without the aid of a hypomanic episode, quite frankly. I picked yet another death scene--more of a finding-the-body scene--to write today, and ended up just metaphorically throwing up my hands and typing in brackets, "This makes no sense. Logic it out later. Make it work." I'm having a hard time settling on what music to listen to, though.

Having Tim Gunn check in on me periodically would be completely awesome, by the way.

Also, I seem to have had a sudden influx of new readers--where are y'all coming from?

Administration: Detainees have no rights. They're just not even trying to hide the fascism anymore, are they?

CNN: "Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani has taken the first step in a 2008 presidential bid, filing papers to create an exploratory committee, Republican sources tell CNN."

From kestrel127: "Borat beaten up, rescued by House." This is still not as good as the original headline, which was "Borat spanked by angry Yank."

"Well, there go the last lingering threads of my heterosexuality": Scarlett Johansson dominating Dita von Teese.

Billy Idol has a Christmas album.

From Wilhelmina on Snarkfest: Kiwi, an animator's master thesis project. Pixar needs to snap this one up sofast. Warning: Sad.

Also, responses to the Flying Spaghetti Monster link I posted in the previous entry made me realize that not everyone knows the glories of Pastafarianism. Behold, and be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

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