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Brangelina on Ice, the Simpsons trailer, and godless Potter dolls

Poor Dooce: She had to go to NYC and discuss Person of the Year candidates on CNN, with all the attendant self-loathing we mere, pasty bloggers tend to feel in the presence of people with real jobs. My question is, who would you nominate for Person of the Year? I don't know any of CNN's and/or Time's and/or Whoever's criteria, but Dooce mentions them discussing Kim Jong Il and Britney Spears, and in the comments of her blog people suggest Stephen Colbert, Sacha Baron Cohen, Barack Obama, Steve Carell, Nancy Pelosi, and the Amish. "Most Influential" does seem to be part of the general idea, as opposed to judgment values of good and bad, so keep that in mind (wasn't Hitler picked by Time one year during WWII? I mean, in terms of "influence," you can't really argue with that.)

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An interesting pair of headlines: US: Immigrants may be held indefinitely; Rights groups file war crimes suit against Rumsfeld.

Anne Frank's tree to be cut down. But they've taken grafts and they're going to plant a new sapling in its place.

Video prompts another LA police probe. "The Police Department has investigated another arrest caught on videotape, this one showing an officer using pepper spray on a transient after he had been handcuffed and shoved into a patrol car, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.... The report of the pepper spray videotape comes on the heels of another tape that has been widely distributed on the YouTube video-sharing Web site, showing a police officer hitting a man in the face several times following a foot chase in Hollywood."

Now Romanians say 'Borat' misled them; Borat Backlash Begins—High Five? Wow, this is getting ugly. I didn't realize that the "Kazakhs" weren't in on it either. I didn't think anyone would have the balls to find a village that poor and use it in a mockumentary, so clearly, I thought to myself, they must have created and assembled it with willing participants/actors, as amateur as those actors might be. I didn't realize they asked some guy, "Hey, can we use your hovel and say it's Borat's? We're just gonna need to move this cow in there for four days."

Pitt-Jolie wax wedding on ice in Vegas; Wax museum plan jilted by Brad, Angelina. I present both of these headlines because I had absolutely no idea what they were supposed to mean. Turns out Tussaud's created a completely creepy, completely fictional Brangelina wedding (best man: George Clooney; attendees: Elvis, Liberace, John Wayne, Bugsy Siegel, Frank Sinatra, and Ben Affleck. Which one of these is not dead like the others?), and Camp Brangelina finds the whole thing to be a little oogy ("'I personally found it a little odd that they were re-creating a wedding that never really happened,' said Cindy Guagenti, Los Angeles-based spokeswoman for Pitt. 'As Brad's representative, I found it disturbing' "). The second headline is confusing because "jilted" implies that they were somehow in on it in the first place (as when you jilt someone you have promised to marry); the first is absolutely nonsensical, as it says nothing so much as "icecapades." Seriously. It's Vegas, they're wax, on ice, whirling around motionless, getting fictionally married. And Liberace is there. WRITE BETTER HEADLINES.

Australia faces growing levels of e-waste.

Harvard student heads quintessential family-owned Parisian bakery.

Toys for Tots rejects Jesus doll. I have to say, I found the Marines' response to be refreshingly sensible.

Get yer godless Harry Potter dolls here! More outfits for the Tonner dolls. I have to say, they're ridiculously expensive (but then, I used to collect Gene dolls, so I'm not terribly surprised), but they're up there with the best movie reproductions I've seen. Also of interest to costume whores: the Dreamgirls dolls, since I don't think we've seen much from that movie yet, and the Tonner movie dolls (Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha, Potter, etc.) tend to be pretty exacting in terms of detail. Rounding out the lot: DC Stars Supergirl and Wonder Woman dolls and outfits that are pretty cool.

Trailer for the Simpsons movie.

the_lone_jen: "Xerox has a site where you can select a card to be sent to a soldier overseas for free."

livesinthewalls: "Could you mention thememoryproject.org? The Memory Project is a program through which artists volunteer to create original portraits of/for children living in orphanages around the world. Given these children's frequent history of neglect, abuse and abandonment, such a keepsake is pretty much invaluable in instilling a sense of identity and heritage. The project is largely advertised as being directed toward high school art students, but college students, amateur or professional artists may also volunteer--the only requirement is sufficient skill and creativity to produce a well-executed, thoughtful and original portrait that will be valuable to the recipient for its quality as well as its sentiment." Seriously, if you're an artist, you might want to take this link to any forums or communities where you hang out, since I know there's a ton of fan artists on LJ.

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That link to the Simpsons trailer is dead already. I think it got axed from YouTube.

It's actually right here:


I mean, if you can use that site. I know a lot of computers can't play that stuff.


Between a "rock" and "A Hard Place".


I'm in the school computer lab. I had such a hard time not laughing at that trailer. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE.

The Toys for Tots story makes me very, very happy. Thanks for sharing!

My question is, who would you nominate for Person of the Year?

Keith Olbermann.

Here, Here. He's got my vote!

I was on a road trip across the country the entire time LJ was out. But yep, I got my free week anyway. *is lame*

Your icon made both me and my cat laugh.

Thanks for brightening our day.


I'm starting to feel kind of sick about the whole Borat thing. I feel kind of like a yo-yo, as more info comes in. At first I didn't want to see it on account of not much liking the humiliation of others. Then I decided to see it, essentially because so many people were recommending it. (Not just you -- I'm talking critics, people at work, etc.) Then I saw it and it was really funny and I hated the people in the film pretty much in proportion to their degree of humiliation, so that was alright. When the assfrats started complaining I pretty much figured they'd done the job themselves. It's not like they didn't know they were on camera. And now this, which is just gross.

Yeah. I kind of suspect that the Borat people thought the Roma would never find out, because if they're too poor for indoor plumbing, they're too poor to see the movie, right? Well, the second article notes that the UK Daily Mail trekked out there and showed them portions of it to make sure that they knew, which has a tabloid stink about it as well.

The Harry doll with the red jacket looks like my mom when she was a teenager and "Ron at the Yule Ball" makes me think of Thomas Jefferson. That Quidditch set is so cute though *pines for $99*

Hopefully the Vegas Wax-Brad isn't anything like the NYC one because I saw that thing up close and it was wicked creepy.

wasn't Hitler picked by Time one year during WWII?

1938 actually, while he still had that whole man of peace thing going on and some people still believed it. The full list is here.
Stalin twice! And George W Bush three times!

wasn't there a year when Home & Gardens did a special on Hitler and his country home? I remember something in the article about how he was a dog person and would support community projects for the little children in the village.

I have a feeling you've already made reference to this movie somewhere, and probably posted the trailer as well, but if you haven't...here follows the awesomely rockin' trailer for 300. MmmmmmGerard and Wenham. ^_^


cheers here's to ZOMG CAN'T WAIT TIL MARCH!

Holy crap. That looks (literally, in the visual sense) AMAZING.

But here's where I geek out, because they used Nine Inch Nails' "Just Like You Imagined" in the trailer (although the filmmakers have already said that NIN's music won't be used in the movie), and I'm a huuuge NIN fan, sooo... But fangirliness aside, the music fits so beautifully and OMG SO EXCITED!

"The idea was for them to be three-dimensional teaching tools for kids,"

Teaching tools? OMGawd. And the fact that he was surprised makes bile rise in my throat. Because, yeah, how could anyone NOT think/look/believe the same as you and/or want to be just like you and yours? The fucking density of this thought pattern is, sadly, not surprising.

I loved how the Marines were like, "Okay, I think even the Christian kids would like something fun for Christmas."

The Xerox link isn't working ><

Nancy Pelosi for Person of the Year!

The point often missed about TIME's person of the year is that it's supposed to be the most influential person WORLD WIDE. That's why they picked Hitler - he was making the biggest splash worldwide. In recent year, they've wussed out more and more, picking the most influential person to Americans only. Then they finally sold out altogether, choosing Rudy Giuliani in 2001. Giuliani may have made a big difference to New York City (though even that has been disputed more recently) but he made squat impact around the globe. Unfortunately, the person who had the biggest impact worldwide in 2001 was Osama bin Laden, but TIME didn't have the guts to do it.

The very fact that they DISCUSSED Britney Spears tells me I was right to cancel my subscription.

TIME has been pissing me off for years, but Giuliani in 2001 was a major low point. Lately they've been extra keen on stoking the religion vs. science debate, as if they can't coexist. Their intellectual dishonesty disgusts me.

The Marines RAWK!! :D

The extra week of paid LJ is very nice. :)

The Xerox link is dead... :(

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