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Unusually controversial linkspam

Didn't write anything for NaNo last night, but did go through and outline what I've got so far. I was getting kind of lost in terms of what I needed to write next, which is why I think outlining helped--I usually have to be pretty far into a project before an outline becomes useful to me.

Re: my "Where are y'all coming from?" question, I was wondering if there was some specific link people were seeing, but it turns out not. Huh.

I was digging around for something new to listen to, and stumbled across an eerie cover of "Human" in my Lloyd Cole folder. (He seems to be collaborating with a band called The 6ths. You may remember Cole from "Butterfly," in the not-really-but-kind-of section of my Halloween playlist.) According to the mp3 info, it's off an album called Reproductions (Human League Tribute), which I require to be in my possession now.

sfmarty: "This links to Neil's blog, which has the most wonderful youtube thing. Enjoy." "This" is, in fact, the Helsinki Complaints Choir, and is totally awesome.

From akathorne: The Advocate is reaching a teensy bit here, but if Kristanna Loken is saying what they think she's saying, she's saying that she's currently dating Michelle Rodriguez. Neither one being gay is particularly surprising, but them lesbing together is a fine development, worthy of congratulations and well-wishes, and the best part is? No one dragged them out of the closet, PEREZ.

Michael Jackson inches his way back. You know--and this is mentioned in the article--I don't even think it's a matter of the public forgiving him or overlooking whatever. I can't speak for anyone but Americans here, but we've been known to forgive some pretty outrageous things. Of course, it's harder for us to forgive something if you swear you didn't do it and we still think you did it anyway. But I don't even think it's a matter of forgiveness necessarily. No, here's what Michael Jackson's problem is going to be: there was a time when he was pop culture, in the '80s, and then there was a time in the '90s when he was drifting away from the mainstream and becoming kind of quaint and megalomaniacal, with the giant statues of himself and the Neverland Ranch and the increasingly strange wardrobe and the inexplicably whitening skin and the shrinking nose. (You know what his nose reminds me of? A bar of soap. A bar of soap worn down to that point where it's just a sliver but you can't quite bring yourself to throw it away and unwrap a new bar.) But he was still making hit music. And then... I don't quite know what happened, but that song he did with Janet was the last song I remember anyone actually listening to. He just kind of got sucked away into the undertow of his own weird--and I'm not even counting the child molestation charges here--and the next thing you know, his nose is held together by tape and he's dressed up like a woman in Saudi Arabia. I'm not sure how in touch with reality he is, much less current pop culture, and we're a long, long way from 1995 now. This whole Howard Hughes tailspin he's gone into may just be too grotesque--aesthetically grotesque--for the public to take him back now.

Speaking of things we all think someone did anyway:

O.J. Simpson to discuss killings. "Fox plans to broadcast an interview with O.J. Simpson in which the former football star discusses 'how he would have committed' the slayings of his ex-wife and her friend, for which he was acquitted, the network said." I have no response to this. I literally cannot think of anything to say about it. I sat here, and I thought, and I thought some more, and my brain started crying. I keep trying to muster some adjectives, and I just... can't. I'm not even sure words exist to describe how... something... this is.

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