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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Spin, spin, whiskey and gin
msauvage purple

Today: 2500 words--a total of 19,710 (I finally caught on that since the NaNo graphic updates itself, I have no idea what my then-current total was, which makes estimating today's word count a little difficult). Mostly worked on character notes, because sometimes I feel the pressing need to suss out what exactly I think a character's deal is. It makes writing scenes with that character a lot easier, because I have a better idea of how s/he would react to anything new I come up with.

More Lloyd Cole to download--something of a relief, as I have finally settled on something I can put on endless repeat. The reasoning for this, you see, is that if I'm listening to the same thing over and over, I stop "hearing" it and can focus on writing, but it fills up the silence in my head so I don't go stark raving mad.

Trent Lott wins back leadership slot.

South African parliament OKs gay marriage. Parliamentary motto: "Well, they can't do any worse than Britney."

Sudanese Lost Girl becomes U.S. citizen.

2 plead guilty in Seton Hall dorm fire that killed three.

Report: Scarlet fever spreads in N.Korea.

Snail venom may hold possible pain cure. Snails have venom?

Publisher calls book O.J.'s 'confession.' "O.J. Simpson created an uproar Wednesday with plans for a TV interview and book titled If I Did It — an account the publisher pronounced 'his confession' and media executives condemned as revolting and exploitive." Okay, when media executives think something's revolting and exploitive, you've hit a new low.

Jackson has 1st performance since trial, alienates fans completely: "Singer Michael Jackson was booed after failing to meet fans as he arrived at this year's World Music Awards at London's Earls Court. Hundreds of fans had waited outside for hours to greet the 48-year-old pop star, who turned up wearing all black and his trademark sunglasses. He had been expected to perform ["Thriller"] at the event, but spoke briefly to reporters and told them he would not be singing. Jackson said it had been a 'misunderstanding' that he would be." So apparently he saved the day with a little "We Are the World," but FYI, pal: the crazy fans are all you've got left.

"Scientologist Cruise to pledge loyalty, maybe a cat." I don't make the news up, y'all; I just report it. "In the old-fashioned language that marks the Traditional version [of the ceremony, of which there are several options], the groom is reminded that 'girls' need 'clothes and food and tender happiness and frills, a pan, a comb, perhaps a cat' -- and is asked to provide them all. The bride, in turn, is told that 'young men are free and may forget' their promises." Surprisingly, Scientology was founded in the middle of the twentieth century.

From la_sonnambula: Eva Longoria confirms that the Tipping the Velvet story was bullshit.

On se niin väärin! Now you, too, can sing along with the Helsinkin Complaint Choir.

George Clooney named 'sexiest man alive.' Again. "'This one's going to be hard for Brad since he's been Sexiest Man Alive twice,' Clooney, 45, said in an interview with People. 'He's enjoyed that mantle. I'd say "Sexiest Man Alive" to him and he'd go, "Two-time." So that's been taken away. We used to call him Two Time. So Brad's going to be upset.'"

Emmitt Smith wins Dancing with the Stars. THIS IS BULLSHIT! MARIO WAS ROBBED! ATTICA! ATTICA!!

British comic Cohen defends his alter ego Borat. Yeah, I don't know that it's your stage persona you need to defend so much as you and your production's shady methods. Nevertheless: "'The joke is not on Kazakhstan,' he said. 'I think the joke is on people who can believe that the Kazakhstan that I describe can exist -- who believe that there's a country where homosexuals wear blue hats and the women live in cages and they drink fermented horse urine.'" Also: "Cambridge-educated Baron Cohen said his parents 'love' the Jewish humor in Borat and his 91-year-old maternal grandmother even went to a midnight screening in Israel then phoned to compliment him." Good God, that poor woman. Nobody should ever have to watch their hairy, naked grandson being smothered by an ever hairier, nakeder man. Nobody.

From the Lemony Snicket newsletter: "While you may never recover from what happened to Beatrice, Count Olaf, Kit Snicket, and the Baudelaire orphans, you might try distracting yourself from your grief with a pleasant diversion, such as bobbing for eggs, knuckle painting, or entering a contest by completing your own Beatrice Letter. The winning Letters will be read and recorded live by Lemony Snicket himself, possibly while weeping."

katieupsidedown: "Next time you get around to linkspam/pimpage, could you direct any gamer-type folks to this poll in my journal? It's for a presentation I'm doing on gender discrimination in the gaming community, and I'd like to get as many responses as possible."

Site Meter

Thanks muchly for the pimping help! ♥

I clickied a bit, but it seems you're looing for technology-based gamers, not the old-fashioned rpg/board/card types.

Hum. I think that's why Scientology is the only trademarked religion.

Hi :)

Don't think I've seen you mention this in your linkspammage, but here's a link to the first released poster for HP: Order of the Phoenix.


Trailer due out on 17th November (this Friday)

Well now... that's a little more front and center with the noselessness than I was expecting.


Lloyd Cole =] Thanks for introducing me to this!
"The bride, in turn, is told that 'young men are free and may forget' their promises" + If I Did It = RAWR.

I've taken to saving my nano counter as a picture to my hard drive and saving it with the date for a name.

Possibly a little late to start, but the NaNoWriMo Report Card is really useful for...well, just about everything. Especially keeping track of word counts.

That's a nifty set of tools in the link. Thanks!

Congrats on the writing progress.

Emmitt Smith wins Dancing with the Stars. THIS IS BULLSHIT! MARIO WAS ROBBED! ATTICA! ATTICA!!

Never underestimate the rabid nature of Dallas Cowboys fans!

And the Scientology vows just made me want to urp. Poor brain-washed Katie.

I wish someone would promise me a cat. Although, if I have to become a Scientologist to make that happen, I guess it's not worth it after all.


Cone Shells are only *technically* Snails. In the same way that Humans and Chimpanzees are both Apes, Gardens Snails and Cones Shells are both Molluscs. Australia (of course!) is home to two of the deadliest varieties of Cone Shell, the Textile Cone and the Geographic Cone. They trundle along the sea floor until a fish gets too close, at which time they shoot a barbed, tooth-like "harpoon" out from their siphon. The tooth is hollow and packed with a lethal venom, which kills the fish nigh on instantaneously and the Cone then engulfs it- even if the fish is many times larger than itself. People have been killed here in the past by Textile and Geographic Cone Shells, because they're pretty- but if you pick them up, you're screwed...


Period... I was just going to put pretty much the same thing... because I basically watch too much Discovery Channel. OMG SCARY SNAILS OF DOOM!

I really thought Hugh Jackman was going to get it. He's kind of been all over the place this year (and he's sexy).

That's really freaky about the scarlet fever in North Korea. The worst thing is that like they said in the article it's something that can be treated but they just don't have the medicine to do so =/

Oh and speaking of epidemics, what's going on with the bird flu? Maybe I've just missed it but it doesn't seem to be talked about as much anymore. That's good I hope...

frills, a pan, a comb, perhaps a cat
D: Hey, what now? I'll take the cat, but you can keep the rest of that junk.

Maybe get me a giftcard for Barnes and Noble, instead.

I completely understand that listening to a song over and over thing. My recommendations: Rebellion by Arcade Fire, Love it When You Call by The Feeling, pretty much anything by Paul Simon and Battleflag by the Lo Fidelity Allstars.The last of these I have you to thank for.

Oh, I LOVE Rebellion by Arcade Fire!

Here it is, Cleo.

I used to use Lifehouse's No Name Face album to write along to; they don't articulate their lyrics very well, so it was easier for me to tune them out since I couldn't understand what they were saying. Unfortunately, I can't do this now because I've listened to the CD enough times to understand the lyrics and discovered that the music doesn't actually run like I had initially decided. You can use any of Dido's albums, though. She's good if you want to write something with a gray, seaside kind of atmosphere, and I still think her songs bleed into one another, even after I've figured out what she's saying.

A better suggestion is to listen to music in a language you can't understand. That way, the lyrics can fill in the silence but they won't bother you because they'd be meaningless. I don't know how you would react to Japanese anime theme songs, but if you're interested in an album of symphonic themes from a single show, I might be able to hook you up.

Yes! That's such a good way of describing Dido's music. I also agree about the song progression, maybe not so much running into each other as it makes sense to listen to them in the order they're in, like as if they're chapters of a single song. If that makes sense.

God, I haven't listened to Dido in ages, I may have to inflict it on my boy when I get home.

Snails have venom?

Yes, but it's slow-acting.

Yarha, Badump-Bump