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Vladimir is high as a kite completely giddy right now--I think he just broke out the Bailey's. He deserves it, though--he's liberally plagiarized my last entry about The Hair That Ate Cheboygan for his latest entry in the new work-in-progress over at nevenpezdec. Basically, it's a novel written in real time.

Cleolinda: would you call your enterprise a Livenovel?

Vladimir: I'm calling it - well, hey, that's a good name for it
Vladimir: (tipsying self up)

Cleolinda: when it becomes a huge literary trend, I want it noted that I coined the term.

I highly suggest you go read it while there's only four or five entries and the bizarro stuff has only started to happen. Also, "Linda" started out as my namesake (Cleo...linda), but is really, totally nothing like me now. Particularly in the redness of her hair, in which I am much of the envy.

Vladimir: but you just got invited to join and I'm totally flabbergasted

Cleolinda: eh

Vladimir: allow me to extend my sincerest congratulations, milady

Cleolinda: I wasn't invited in college, and was very disappointed
Cleolinda: and then I remembered I was a Spanish major

Vladimir: but you are invited now!
Vladimir: yes, I was a Spanish colonel once, in Galithia, it was v. difficult

Cleolinda: ...

Vladimir Cvetkovic: but we shouldn't spent too much time on wartime remembrances
Vladimir Cvetkovic: :D

Cleolinda: you
Cleolinda: are
Cleolinda: so
Cleolinda: high
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