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Nothin' but linkspam
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UCLA student repeatedly tasered for not having student ID. A different headline I saw alleged it was "at least four times." With accompanying camera-phone video. Update: UCLA student stunned by Taser plans suit, having "hired a high-profile civil rights lawyer who plans to file a brutality lawsuit."

700-plus sick on Atlantic cruise. God, that has got to suck for everyone involved.

Pentagon alters homosexuality guidelines. I'm not sure if the new classification is better or worse.

Idaho town asks residents to own guns "in case they are overrun by refugees from disasters like Katrina.... The thing is, Greenleaf doesn't really have crime. At least as most cities define it. The most violent offense reported in the past two years was a fist fight."

Emory University gets $261 million gift. "Most of the money — $240 million — is intended to replace two large medical buildings and modernize other outpatient services. The rest will be spent on renovating a health services administration building and advancing Emory's strategic plan."

Gamers line up for new Playstation 3. I... I don't play video games, what can I say.

Brazilian model who battled anorexia dies.

An Inconvenient Truth makes short list for Oscar nod.

Agents: MI6 not like James Bond movies. No, rly?

The Duchess of York wants to be on Dancing with the Stars.

Woman in 'Borat' seeks investigation. In Alabama Etiquette Woman's defense, she was handed a bag of feces.

USAToday previews OOTP trailer. ETA: Warning: Now has Cho Chang spoiler picture at top.

petticoatlane: "So, I was sitting there, innocently eating my dinner, and watching the news when up comes this report about a British guy in a Pakistan jail. Right at the end the reporter casually throws in the fact that Pepsi sponsor said jail. Both me and my mother sat there with forks halted in mid-air, jaws hanging open... 'You saw that too, right?!' " Pepsi: The choice of a new generation.

velvet4269: Update: Toys for Tots caved on the Jesus Doll. But read the fine print: "'The talking Jesus doll issue has been resolved,' the organization announced on its Web site Wednesday. 'Toys for Tots has found appropriate places for these items. We have notified the donor of our willingness to handle this transaction.' The short note on the Web site did not explain what it would do with the dolls."

Have you attended STFU?

You know how I mentioned They Fight Crime the other day? Well, TFC needs your help. "In fact, [TFC had been down] for over six months. And in the interim, a load of people who have basically done nothing other than rip off the original and remove the credit, have started to clog up the google listings for 'they fight crime.' And I object to other people thinking it's OK to steal Andrew's and my work (mostly Andrew's), remove the authorial credit, and (in some cases) make money off it via ads, when the original was free. So, if anyone fancies posting the link up in forums, blogs, LJs, myspace, with the usual 'Here's a funny link' nonsense, and perhaps a few choice generated phrases, that'd be ace. If you felt like explaining the reason I'd like the link to do the rounds again, including words like 'The original they fight crime generator is back,' or similar, and generally encouraging people to send it about so that we get back to our fair place, that'd be great, too."

("He's a superhumanly strong gay jungle king on his last day in the job. She's a time-travelling bisexual widow with the power to bend men's minds. They fight crime!")

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When I saw the brazilian model dies link, I immediately thought of Gisele Bundchen. Then I immediately thought of Leonardo DiCapprio and what this would mean to his The Departed press junket.

I'm...more steeped in pop culture than I thought, apparently.

Agents: MI6 not like James Bond movies. No, rly?

BwahAHAhahAHaaargh. No, rly. I'll always remember John LeCarre delivering his opinion through his characters in one of his spy novels: James Bond is the nightmare agent. The one you hope you, as an agency, never get.

Yarha, Buy War Bonds

Now, now. There's a legitimate use for the flashy pretty-boy boots-knocking snarky not-so-secret agent:

Expendable decoy.

I have only read one LeCarre book (I think it was A Perfect Spy but don't hold me to that). While I enjoyed it for the most part I also realized when I finished that I'd pretty much read all of the LeCarre I'd ever need to for the rest of my life. Good, but grim, stuff.

Re: the Pepsi thing-- I have no words. Like, literally, I try and think about this and ... blank. I think my brain's tied itself into a Moebius strip. o_O

("He's a lonely vegetarian rock star moving from town to town, helping folk in trouble. She's a sarcastic gypsy opera singer living on borrowed time. They fight crime!" AWESOME!)

I can only hope that Papsi sponsers them in a, "the jail was a disaster that violated every human right and decency you ever dreamed of having and so we came and cleaned it up" sort of way...

Hahaha, that They fight Crime thingy is awesome, thanks! :)

Dogs in Elk.

Exactly what the title says.
Anne V - 01:12pm Sep 9, 1999 PDT (# 1320 of 1332) They're inside of it. They crawled inside, and now I have a giant incredibly heavy piece of carcass in my yard, with 2 dogs inside of it, and they are NOT getting bored of it and coming out. One of them is snoring. I have company arriving in three hours, and my current plan is to 1. put up a tent over said carcass and 2. hang thousands of fly strips inside it. This has been going on since about 6:40 this morning.

(Deleted comment)
I'm a little confused. Did he have to show ID to actually be IN the library? Because that's definately not how it is at my university.

Oh, UGH. I can't even imagine how much that cruise thing would suck.

There was a weird outbreak at a university here in the Maritimes that they think was Norwalk. I can't remember how many students got sick, but it was a pretty big number for the size of the school, I think. Just awful.

There was a segment on the news the other day about this. I couldn't find any articles from the Maritimes, but this one from Edmonton will do! Anne of Green Gables is getting a PREQUEL. It's being written by a Nova Scotian author, Budge Wilson, who has written around 30 books for children and young adults. I've never read any of her books, but I think I might try to get my hands on a couple. Here is her bio on the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia website.

That outbreak was my university (Mount Allison), about five weeks ago. Something like 300+ students of a 2200 student school got sick. It was brutal.

In a prepared statement released late Thursday, UCLA's interim chancellor, Norman Abrams, urged the public to "withhold judgment" while the campus police department investigates. "I, too, have watched the videos, and I do not believe that one can make a fair judgment regarding the matter from the videos alone.

I find it interesting, asshole, that I can make a pretty fair judgment of brutality just from watching the video. I don't care what the kid was doing, you don't taser someone just because you're annoyed, and you certainly don't taser someone five goddamn times for what was either passive resistance or an inability to stand after repeated goddamn tasering. I watched that video last night and I'm shaking with fury just thinking about it now.

I've been wanting to reply to your comment with something intelligent, but the best I can do is: IAWTC. I hope he goes down.

So... I had definately NOT seen that picture of Harry kissing Cho... you would think, if it's the "huge moment" that everyone's making it out to be, they wouldn't have a picture of them swapping spit plastered on some news page. Kinda ruins the "magic" (or something).

There's a picture? There weren't any when I saw the page (which was, admittedly, last night).

That tazering incident pisses me off. The whole thing took seven minutes... they tazered him FIVE times in SEVEN minutes. No wonder he didn't stand up! He couldn't stand up! I hope those cops get fired. Yes, he was being a dumb college kid, but there's no excuse for that level of brutality. I was also amazed with how quickly the cops turned on the students asking very politely "sir, can I have your badge number?" and threatening to tazer them too. They're lucky there wasn't a riot. The whole thing would have been avoided if they had just carried him out. There was quite a few cops. I can't imagine it'd be a huge effort to pick him up and haul him out of there. And it could have been my imagination but I swear I heard the kid yell after the first tazering "I have a medical condition!" Now I'm all pissed off at the cops darn it.

Yeah, someone else on another journal mentioned the medical condition thing too, so I don't think you were imagining that.

God, that poor girl. Her poor family. Eating disorders are such hell. >_<

On a lighter note, erm. So which punny reporter was it exactly who just HAD to caption the Cho-make-outs picture with this:

"Growing up is hard on anyone, but especially for the teen wizard in Harry Potter."

UCLA! Fight! Fight! Fight!

*sigh* There was a rally today and bunches of people wearing signs that said "I'm just a student, please don't taser me." Very many people are very excited by this. I saw it on Perez Hilton AND HuffPo, which is an interesting mix. People (here at UCLA) seem pretty divided on it. There seems to be somewhat of a consensus that the guy was provoking the cops (before the video starts). There's also a consensus that the UCPD are generally asshats.... so, I try to take both sides with a grain of salt.

not that you're defending them... (sorry long)

Being a cop is an amazingly difficult job for the most part, that's why they have countless hours of required traning and screening for recruits. On another note- bitching at the cops just because they ask you a question isn't always fair, and you must accept that if you're too disruptive, they CAN arrest you. That being said-
Flat out, these men overreacted to a single, likely annoying, young man. Unless he was using force, actual DANGEROUS physical actions, to threaten them they did not meet the general standard of reciprocal force. Tasers have proven fatal numerous times- effectively these men reacted to taunting and civil disobedience, which they're trained to ignore and are generally the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE, with potentially lethal force. If this man had a heart condition, or a pacemaker, it's the equivolent of shooting him in the stomach. Not necessarily a kill shot- but highly lethal and dangerous. What's most offensive is that once he was disabled, they shocked him again, and upon having the very same questions posed to them (name, id etc) they threatened to physically assalt compliant bystanders. It is not acceptable for police officers to threaten peaceful civilians with force- our parents' generation fought to show that to the world, but it seems some people (The University Chancellor) has forgotten this.

I'm unconvinced of the brutality. For that matter, I can't even tell how many times the man was tased, as he was shrieking like a banshee before he was even tased, and the camera never actually shows any time he WAS tased, where we can see a campus security officer using the taser on him. Is it possible he was tased five times in an act of brutality? Absolutely. Is it possible he's vastly inflating it out of a misguided sense of offended dignity? I think that's still possible as well.

I find it very difficult to tell what's actually going ON in this video; the angle's bad, the sound's bad -- yes, it's from a camera phone, of course both these things are true.

This is why I'm reserving judgement, because to base it on six minutes of video when I can tell you more about the library's desks than what the actual victim even looked like (he was wearing a white t-shirt and had dark hair, and has an irritating voice, and that's ALL) is ridiculous.

Yeah, and I'm also hearing details now that he's a very protest/demonstration type, decided he was being profiled, tried to get the other students to join him, sort of got the situation started--as someone elsewhere put it, it sounds like both parties were at least somewhat at fault, although the UCPD were probably more so, what with the tasing overkill and all. But it's not just, they took some random kid who didn't have his ID and tased him stupid for kicks.

(Deleted comment)
Toys for Tots has found appropriate places for these items.

Rod and Todd Flanders are gonna be thrilled.

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