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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Very little faith in humanity left

Man shot waiting to buy PS3.

Simpson publisher says why she did it: She was trying to set O.J. up.

Publishing maverick Judith Regan issued a statement Thursday night, calling her most-famous author a "killer" and acknowledging that she set up O.J. Simpson in a bid to get a confession out of him on behalf of battered women everywhere — herself among them.

...In the 2,210-word statement, Regan says that Brown Simpson and Goldman "were in my heart" during the interview.

"I made the decision to publish this book, and to sit face to face with the killer, because I wanted him — and the men who broke my heart and your hearts — to tell the truth, to confess their sins, to do penance, and amend their lives," Regan said in the statement.
And to make a lot of money.

3 Jolie bodyguards arrested in India. What did I say yesterday? What did I say!

allliemolloy: "There was a segment on the news the other day about this. Anne of Green Gables is getting a PREQUEL. It's being written by a Nova Scotian author, Budge Wilson, who has written around 30 books for children and young adults. Here is her bio on the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia website." CLEO SMASH.

Strong Leonid Meteor Shower Expected This Weekend.

Tomb of Aztec emperor may lie in Mexico.

Spoiler pics from OOTP trailer. Voldemort has got to get some robes with actual sleeves, I am telling you. For some reason, the v-neck and bare forearms always make me think "hospital gown," in that off-the-shelf temporary apparel kind of way. Can't nobody bring the Dark Lord some new threads? I ask you.

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What? The George Lucas fiasco wasn't enough to convince them of the curse of the prequel?

The leaky cauldron link iz DED jim...

i'm totally metaquoting your Voldemort comment. :)

Ahh. Welcome back, Mr. Oldman. Welcome back.

And see, until you said that, I had no words to express why exactly his robe bugged me in the 4th movie. And with the comment of new threads, my mind wanders slightly... who would do Voldemort's laundry? Peter? What brand of detergent is he fond of? Does he use fabric softener, or does the fresh smell of Fleecy kind of ruin his Evil Overlord image?

On a more serious note... do you think that Ralph Fiennes will play young(er) Tom in the 6th? I mean, I sort of expect them to, but you never know... they might decide that Ralph's abundance of nose will then make Voldemort's noselessness that much more obvious, drawing attention away from important plot points.

Oh Ralph. Love him.

May I add part of this to my metaquote of our dear cleolinda? (found here)

People really want a PlayStation! *is shocked*

WTF OJ????????

Also, leave Anne alone dammit :(

May I join you in the smashing? I mean, Anne is all the Island has, she's everything to them - the gift shops overflow with every marketing tie-in imaginable. They sell straw hats with red braids attached to them! And now some Nova Scotian is trying to take her away and frig up her backstory. WE DON'T CARE ABOUT HER BACKSTORY - right cheerful little book that'll be, it's clearly stated that Anne knew no happiness before she came to Green Gables. Morons, the lot of them.

Seriously, she's an ORPHAN. And whoever she knew before Green Gables, she obviously never meets them again, so it's kind of pointless to get invested in characters LMM didn't even create.

For some reason, the v-neck and bare forearms always make me think "hospital gown," in that off-the-shelf temporary apparel kind of way.

Looks like a burial shroud to me. /theatrical costumer brain

Yeah, but if multiple people are sitting in the theater thinking, "I wonder if it doesn't have a back like a hospital gown, too? Hee," it may not be the best costuming choice.

A PREQUEL? Seriously? Raise your hand if you vote "no". *raises hand*

Also? Judith Regan might be in it for the money, but I love that she even issued that statement.

Yeah, it seems a little disingenuous on one hand to be like, "I did it for the children battered women!," but the fact that she got him to do it and then turned on him within 48 hours of the first announcement is kind of awesome.

I hate the fact that Ralph Fiennes STILL looks sexy in his Voldemort get-up. IT MAKES ME FEEL UNCLEEEEEAN.

I am choosing to block the news of an AoGG prequel out of my mind because otherwise it is just too disturbing and wrong.


Speaking of random news, check this out.


"A botched kidnapping ended with one of the assailants shooting himself in the groin, police said."

Ohhhhhh. They are NOT going to mess with Anne. Say it ain't so. I'm still recuperating from the disaster that was Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story. Let us not speak of it again.

The PS3 thing just... *shakes head* Oy. Here I've always called my brother weirdo!insane for waiting out at 4 AM to get the newest video games and punching his controller when he was losing said games. Now I'm just going to be grateful he hasn't gotten popped yet.

As for OJ, well... I hope he knows there's a very special hell being designed just for him. Because... YEEENNUUUGHH.

A prequel? A PREQUEL??

God, I stumbled across the "deleted wedding night scene" from The Continuing Story accidentally on Youtube and had the dry heaves going for about five minutes straight.

Gilbert may have been shirtless, but the lighting was shitty so I didn't see anything anyhow and couldn't stop thinking "THESE ACTORS ARE WHAT, 40 NOW?"

"Tomb of Aztec emperor may lie in Mexico."

No rly? It's not like most of the Aztec Empire was in Mexico o anything... and Tenochtitlan totally isn't directly underneath Mexico City. I wonder who gave them the hot tip. *rolls eyes*

Judith Regan seems to be one of those man-hating, vengeful wenches commonly found trolling the LJ feminist communities.