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msauvage purple
Order of the Phoenix now up in high definition. Keep an eye on cap_it if you want screencaps (note: any entry dated before 11/21 will probably have an "enlarged" version of the small download, rather than caps from the actual hi-def version. Hold out for fresh caps. For the icon, I just grabbed one for myself).

Also, after some discussion on the previous entry, I think we've decided that the flying scenes are from when the Order takes Harry to Grimmauld Place, which is so simple in retrospect that I can't believe I didn't think of that. Also, the flier right behind Harry has purple hair (i.e., Tonks) if you're looking closely.

Meanwhile, I put down Goblet of Fire long enough to 1) have dinner at the only place you will ever be able to order a glass of merlot and a junkyard dog and 2) see Casino Royale. More on that in the morning.

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Just seeing how awesome Bellatrix looks already from that tiny flash is getting me so psyched up for the movie!

I know right! I am so unbelivably pumped for this movie!

It's so weird, though, the last flyer in the first flying scene (the one where they go past a ship) looks just like Ginny. However, the rest are obviously the OTP not DA, so now I'm trying to guess which one of the people who picked Harry up could conceivably look like Ginny in trailer stills.

I thought it was the DA flying for the same reason...I could have sworn I saw Ginny in the group and I instantly thought DA.....

Makes me hapy if it was OTP instead of DA...that means Threstals!! lol

Well, maybe it is Ginny. Maybe they had to jiggle the story around so that the Weasely kids were allowed to come get Harry along with Tonks and Shacklebolt and Lupin?

Maybe they did....I guess we wil have to wait for more info or the movie. So long to go though! lol

It's worth pointing out that they are not flying past a cruise ship, they are flying past the HMS Belfast, a WWII Destroyer permenantly moored on the South bank of the Thames. Probably as safe a place to fly in central London as any other. Now the question is, will they remember to paint out City Hall in the background, since that's only been around a few years.

Please, please, please tell me that that clip of Umbridge running through the Great Hall means that the twins' escape scene was left intact.

Oh, there's no way they'd leave that out--the twins specifically got more screentime in the last movie, so clearly they know what fan favorites they are.

I hope you're right. They've just made so many...odd choices in the previous adaptations that the whole topic of HP movies brings out the Doombunny in me.

It's been awhile since I last read the book... what are those scary mask things right after Sirius?!

You going to give us a mini review of Casino Royale??

Also a bit of news I found out from one of the Heroes tv communities, not sure if you want to put this up with link spam but Scrolling down to the bottom you'll see that Christopher Eccleston landed a role on Heroes.

Also, we just watched Mel Gibson's version of Hamlet in my college English class and I can't wait to see Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix...man it's been ages since I've read those books I'll have to approach them again.

Christopher Eccleston landed a role on Heroes.



And Harry looks +Capslock but -Emo... that would be nice.

Have you seen the HBO First Look trailer? Damn, I needs me some caps of this. And yes! Thestrals!! Grawp (meh). Gred & Forge!!! Bellatrix, Wizengamot, Ministry of Magic, Department of Mysteries and prophecies.

Goblet was an OK movie. Hopefully, the content is so rich in this one that even with their maddening tampering (...won't break the rules? WTF?) they won't be able to frak this one up. Also, we get to hear Umbridge for the first time!

Your junkyard dog/merlot is like my undying desire to see things like sushi and chili cheese fries brought to me by a delivery boy... "yes I know it's odd, but it should just BE!"

Your icon is haunting in an eerie, lovely way.

Oh, have you seen this yet? It's a four minute behind-the-scenes of OOTP and it includes a really nice full-body shot of Bellatrix at around 3:15.

i was wondering, you said that , harry potter and the chamber of secrets , was the odd man out for your first book, could you post it on your live journal?
Also, when is your 2nd book coming out?

In theory, yeah, I was going to put it online, but I haven't been able to write much lately. The second book is also just in the planning stages; it's not written and hasn't even been officially pitched yet.

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