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msauvage purple
Film director Robert Altman dies.

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(Deleted comment)
That is the exact same reaction I had.

That and "damn his last movie had Lindsey Lohan in it."



That's not...


Ah, damn. That's just not right.

Aw hell.

*goes home to watch M*A*S*H*

Oh, wow. I don't have much to say with regard to the news other than I loved his movie, Gosford Park (and not just because of Clive Owen). I'm probably going to hell for saying that.

I guess we'll never see his Harry Potter film with everyone at Hogwarts rushing about talking at once or mumbling incomprehensibly...

Wow how unfortuante, losing such a visonary

Wow. I didn't think this would make me as sad as it does. I was starting to like his more recent stuff. Huh.

I have always loved Dr T & The Women. It's a great movie.

How very sad.

I do love Gosford Park, I watch it more than anyone else should normally watch a DVD.


I didn't think I'd be this upset about this.

It's so sad. But at least he got to accept that honorary Oscar before he died.

No! He wasn't supposed to die yet!

I found out while waiting for a class to begin....and ended up in the bathroom crying so hard. I really looked up to Altman; he was one of the directors that inspired me. Also, his directoral style was the one I'd been inspired by the most. I'm really sad about his death. So were my classmates...we had a moment of silence for him at the begining of class.

(I know I probably sound really dopy, but I really did like Altman's work)

I really liked Altman as a person, and I liked his directorial style... the latter more in theory than in practice, though (I love the idea of a huge cast improvising and talking over each other like real people, but I wish The Company and A Prairie Home Companion had slightly more of a plot). I really loved Gosford Park. I'll miss the guy.

Thank you, Mr. Altman. You’ll be missed.

First thought: Well, I won't be confusing his name with Ron Howard's in my head anymore...
Second thought: ...aw nuts

My first reaction was along the lines of Couldn't some socialite have gone in his stead "Oh, shit, why must the good ones die so, er, soon?"

Then I thought that at least this once, the Academy didn't let a worthy one die without awarding him, even if with the pity honorary oscar. Then I spent a few hours moping the fact that even this won't teach them a lesson and make them to AWARD MARTIN SCORCESE, ALREADY.

In conclusion, I suck even at grieving those I like.

my two reactions were:

"dammit, you weren't supposed to go. not yet."


"you may say that i ain't free/but it don't worry me."

RIP, bob.

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