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Horoscope of Eerie Aptness: Someone who is relatively new to your life has more admiration for you than you might have thought. Have you noticed any lingering glances -- or any coincidental meetings that might not be so coincidental? Play this situation however you wish. If you want to drag out the drama and act like you have no idea about what's going on, feel free! But if you are ready to explore things a bit more, today is the day to meet that lingering glance and see what happens.


I didn't intend to take the day off from LJ yesterday, but for some reason I just really wanted to read. It felt good to take a break and not fool with it for a while, although I checked my email (which has top headlines on the inbox page and comment notifications from LJ) a couple of times. After I finished Order of the Phoenix, I went back and reread Goblet of Fire and then Half-Blood Prince--over three or four days, mind you--mostly because I'd only read them each once, when they first came out, and couldn't remember what actually happened. I think part of the reason I was so frustrated writing was that I'd run out of output and needed some input--any input. Sometimes the well just goes dry and you need to go read a book or see a couple of movies or something to recharge. Unfortunately, I have now run out of Harry Potter books.

Speaking of which, Casino Royale was awesome. One of my dirty secrets is that I've never actually seen an entire Bond movie. My mother always had the TV on HBO and Cinemax all day (when my father wasn't home watching golf) on when I was a kid, while she was cooking or cleaning (both of which she seems to do recreationally), so I grew up with all these movies playing in the background. I'd come through to ask her something or sit down to eat lunch or whatever, and someone would be chasing someone else in a spaceship or a speedboat or something else would be blowing up and I'd be like, huh, okay. The Empire Strikes Back was on 24/7 for a while. Lots of snow, that's all I remembered. A lot of Temple of Doom. One night I came downstairs and she was watching The Princess Bride, and I got scared because it was the big torture scene and I didn't see the entire movie until I was in sixth grade. She actually tried to get me to sit down and watch Aliens with her (she loves that one), which is a fantastic movie, except that I was seven. And James Bond movies were always on--probably on some of the basic cable channels as well. So it was one of those things where you hear about something so much, and you kind of see bits and pieces, to the point where you feel like you've seen them. I mean, I still got all the jokes in Austin Powers. But what I'm telling you is, because I never sat down and intentionally watched these movies from start to finish, I don't really have any emotional attachment to what a Bond movie "should" be. Casino Royale was what I would have hoped a Bond movie would be like--glamorous, witty--not cheesy--and completely badass.

What I liked about this one was the underlying idea that the job is actually a real, horrible, dirty one. I'm thinking specifically of the fight in the stairwell, where he ends up covered in blood and choking a man to death, and Eva Green ends up in the fetal position in the hotel room shower five minutes later. I mean, the man still has some flair--"That last hand nearly killed me"--but you get more of a sense that all this glamour is a veneer. Which, I mean, it is--this card game is about whether $150 million will go to fund terrorism or not. It's got to have real stakes, real consequences, for an MI6 agent to even be involved in the first place. That's what espionage is about--secrets being stolen or exchanged, people being saved or assassinated, things being protected or destroyed, while everyone else goes about their lives, unaware of what's going on right under their noses. The genre can still have the enjoyable fantasy aspect of all of this happening in the playgrounds of the wealthy, but when you start putting spies up against cartoon-character villains, you're basically cribbing from the superhero genre. It's the same thing, really, isn't it? Only the superhero genre is more fantastic and thus has more room for ridiculous incredible powers and lairs and henchmen and things. Which is why I'd rather the superspy genre stay a bit grittier, the way Casino Royale does.

Which is why I really liked Le Chiffre--here's a villain who was getting his own ass kicked by people coming after him, to the point where Bond was actually doing him a favor by killing those two guys in the stairwell. I tend to dislike villains who are just all, you know, MOO HA HA--I want them to want something, to be trying achieve something, and the fact that they're "evil" is simply that their interests are opposed to the general good. Le Chiffre is the banker of terrorists--and even apart from that, he's screwing around with their money, and he's going to be in deep shit if he doesn't recover an equivalent amount. He's not delivering one-beeeeeellion-dollar ultimatums to world leaders, is what I'm saying.

Also, I still can't get over that scene with the rope. "TO THE RIGHT!"

Backlog of linkspam:

News from the home office: Ala. bus crashes nose-first; 3 teens die; 4th student dies after Ala. bus crash.

Comedian's slaying hikes Iraq death toll.

Woman's family sues CNN, Nancy Grace. I don't know if y'all remember this, but basically, Grace accused the woman of being at fault in her own son's disappearance, and the woman then killed herself. The son has still not been found, but apparently police believe he may still be alive.

Bush's daughter robbed in Argentina. While Secret Service were watching. Good job, you guys.

Ethiopian lions poisoned to save money.

Jamestown skeleton still a mystery.

Survey: U.S. is most unfriendly country to visitors.

Michael Richards apologizes for racial slurs.

O.J. Simpson book, TV special canceled; News Corp. accused of hush money offer. Also: Simpson tells AP he did book for money, which is what I've been saying all along.

Lawyer: There's no Federline-Spears tape.

The Hobbit-Jackson thing thickens. "The [fans] are very upset.... We are seeing calls for everything from letter writing campaigns to a boycott of the studio." Also: "All of this has riled MGM [who has the Hobbit rights], which in recent weeks has been openly touting the fact that the newly revamped studio is serious about making The Hobbit -- with Jackson."

Screen grabs of the writing on Harry's hand, which has been changed from "I will not tell lies" to "I will not break rubs rules." Also, new BTS videos from E! and HBO.

New stills: 300, Apocalypto, OOTP (nothing that isn't in the trailer, but official and hi-res).

Orlando and Kirsten hook up. Well, I'm a total Keirlando tinhat, but I thought they were really cute together in Elizabethtown, so godspeed.

What happens after the last panel in For Better or Worse. The second to last one will explain to you exactly why everyone's so fed up with that storyline. (It was attempted, actually.)

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