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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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My stock of entry titles is on reorder
msauvage purple

I am having one of those days where I would really like a lot of people to drop dead. On the upside, I am eating a really good sandwich (smoked turkey, mozzarella cheese, sliced greek and red bell peppers) for lunch that I made myself.

Happy Eating Day (and I hope you all had one) went relatively well--it usually does in my family, because it's just the four of us plus my grandmother and sometimes my aunt, uncle and cousin (when my uncle's family doesn't get custody of them, and it's more fun to have them for Christmas anyway). And those are pretty much the only people at every holiday meal. In fact, the only way Thanksgiving is different from all other holidays, including but not limited to Christmas, Easter, New Year's Day, July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Veteran's Day and Arbor Day, is that we don't eat Johnny Ray's barbecue on Thanksgiving. (Okay, we usually don't eat it on Easter either. "The Lord is riz, pass the sauce.") If anyone rides in on the drama llama it's Sister Girl, and she waited until today to do that. And her chocolate pots de crème (topping: white chocolate whipped cream) turned out well. Of course, we're right back to the drama today, though.

More poetic spam in my inbox:

From: Eugene Green
Subject: shortly see my sin, with milk, and to hold the Lord.

Deaths: actor Philippe Noiret (Il Postino), renowned jazz singer Anita O'Day, Broadway lyricist Betty Comden.

Good news for the (American) economy: Black Friday poised to be best in years. Note: "The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday because it once marked the day when many retailers turned a profit -- went into the black -- for the year." Personally, we just cursed out Amazon's shopping cart interface for half an hour.

Poisoned spy dies, spy blames Putin for his death. That is, he blamed him before he died. It wasn't like The Illusionist or anything. Note to Putin: Next time, find a poison that doesn't take three weeks to kill someone.

Woman, 92, dies in shootout with police. Yeah, you read that right.

Baby with heart outside body has surgery.

WWI vet, recently honored, dies at 111.

Simpson: I deserve criticism for book; lawyer wants Simpson book off eBay. Well, I want a pony made of chocolate, but I don't foresee getting that, either.

Michael Richards apologizes, hires crisis expert. Yeah, maybe you should have hired him before you went on Letterman and had everyone laughing at you. Also: Michael Richards in blackface, and he's not that hot on Jews, either.

David Blaine stunt ends with a crash in New York. NOT! MAGIC!

There's a joke between these two headlines somewhere, but I can't quite figure out what it is: Police display fake art in London and Top Thai transvestite show hits a high note in London.

Seal, Klum have 2nd child together.

Pitt, Jolie spend Thanksgiving in Vietnam.

Lindsay Lohan offers her condolences to Robert Altman's friends and family:

  • "He left us with a legend that all of us have the ability to do."

  • "Life comes once, doesn't 'keep coming back' and we all take such advantage of what we have. When we shouldn't..... "

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she was on coke when she wrote this.

K-Fed is now claiming Brit is bisexual and "begged him for threesomes." As akathorne pointed out elsewhere: he's expecting us to believe that she begged for a threesome and he said no?

From evilbearhunter: 'Lost' Star Up for X-Men Role [Again]? (I should clarify, we're talking about Josh Holloway for Gambit here.)

Prince Caspian Filming Locations Confirmed.

Dan Radcliffe Would "Walk on Hot Coals" to Work with Yates Again.

Kazakh says Borat creator deserves prize, which is a nice change from all the Kazakhs demanding that Sacha Baron Cohen be tarred and feathered.

Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman film thriller in South Carolina. "To recharge, the film's crew has hit a few local spots, including a karaoke bar. 'Anytime you're on location and can get to know a town, that's great,' Speedman said." Yeah, SIENNA.

Fan restores 'Christmas Story' house.

The Forbes Fictional Fifteen. I think Lucius Malfoy has dropped a few slots since last year, but I can't remember precisely.

firei: "Recommending a pimpage of christmasongs- it seems they're posting at least one Christmas song a day, and they're taking contributions if anyone has anyone. Looks fun." I was actually going to suggest

particle_person: "For a Rare Few, Taste is in the Ear of the Beholder. It's an article on a rare kind of synesthesia in which words trigger tastes." Mine's more of the kind where numbers and scents have colors, although, in a previous discussion, I did blurt out that the number five has always tasted like butterscotch pudding.

sapphires13: "And since the Christmas shopping season is about to begin, (Product) RED is a new initiative to fight AIDS in Africa. Various companies are making and selling RED products (which are not necessarily red in colour), with up to 50% of the profits going to The Global Fund. Products include a RED iPod Nanos, Motorola RAZR phones, Armani sunglasses, Converse shoes (some made from African mudcloth), an American Express card (only available in the UK), and a line of clothing from The Gap, (including shirts made in Africa, from African cotton, by African workers, who recieve full wages and free AIDS treatment)." I forget which show Bono was on talking about this (Bono is legally required to be involved in this kind of thing, you know), but he pointed out that they were trying to use capitalism to do good rather than just bug people to donate outright, which I thought was an interesting idea.

itshardtosay: "I thought maybe you could post something about viggorlijah's website shop for Riverkids going live. Proceeds go toward stopping child trafficking."

The Riverkids Shop

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rare kind of synesthesia in which words trigger tastes.

That sounds a bit more like what I get sometimes than the other synthanaesia stuff I've seen around. Either way, a certain television show tastes like pizza and a specific person's name tastes like lemon.

'Lost' Star Up for X-Men Role [Again]?

Did you catch that article on K-Fed on the same page? Free Federline Tickets Fail To Entice Fans

That? On the floor over there? It's my ass. I've done laughed it off.

That's because they used the wrong word in the headline. Federline doesn't have "fans," he has the morbidly curious.

'Lost' Star Up for X-Men Role

Squeeeee. Though I mourn the absence of Hugh Jackman. :( I'd much rather have both.

They want Holloway to play Gambit, so...

I believe that article mentioned Jackman also not being in the movie. Same with Ian McKellan...

That would be the woe of Holloway without Hugh.


(Deleted comment)
Wow. Those silk and cotton scarves on the Riverkids site are just beautiful. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal linkpimpage!

I was so shocked when I heard that Philippe Noiret died.

I wish David Blaine would just STOP. He's not entertaining, he doesn't perform any sort of "real" magic, or illusions, he just does stupid shit for attention, and even then, he can't seem to do it right >_<

UGH. I cannot stand David Blaine. Maybe if we just all pretend he doesn't exist and refuse to give him any attention, he'll just go away.

Your poetic spam is alright, but I think this one says something. From one "Raymond Nance"

If the guides are full of luxury sex toys I'd say it's never too early.
Just how big are those eyes? These are American Crows with a purpose.
com Sexuality GuideSite. Pine Siskins, in particular, are prone to salmonellosis, a bacterial disease.

Whenever David Blaine is mentioned I get Marcus Brigstocke in my head going "gitwizard! gitwizard!".
...yay for Wikipedia, here we go, although it's not as good without the intonation:
"You're not magic! You're not a fish! You're not even a wizard, you are simply a moist git."

I can't help feeling the media is enjoying those pictures of Litvinenko a bit too much, they're everywhere and I feel like they shouldn't be, somehow.

... Yes, Lindsay. For God's sake, please be ADEQUIET.

I got the impression from Mugglenet that Lucius actually moved up a few spaces.

Tyler and Speedman YAY!!!


sliced greek and red bell peppers

Interesting Typo...

I just re-read yours as sliced geek> and red bell peppers...

Ha ha!

I keep thinking "sliced greek" literally and giggling.

Sliced geek is equally funny.

It's like a horror movie based on ethnic groups and social classes!

It's not really a typo--greek peppers and red bell peppers, both sliced, although maybe I shouldn't have phrased it that way.

The “be adequate” in Lindsay’s message comes from the fact that Altman never told his actors they did awesome in a scene – on set, he’d say they were adequate. Apparently, while doing “A Prairie Home Companion”, after each of her takes, Lindsay would turn to him and ask if she was adequate.

So, she’s not too crazy.

Her spelling sucks though.

Yeah, it's her spelling I was mocking more than anything.

Ah, didn't know that. Someone else I know was talking about her message and harped on the quote 'cause she didn't get it. The fact that Lohan can't spell apparently didn't hit her.

Au revoir, Philippe... (sigh)

"Perhaps the most cutting retort came in a poll by local TV station KDKA to gauge residents' response to her remarks. In the results, 72% asked "Who is Sienna Miller?""

Hee hee hee...
Actually, I'm not even sure WHO she is, either.

Re: A Christmas Story house restored.

Lindsay Lohan, yikes!!
New levels of incoherence have been reached!

By the way, I saw "The Prestige" last weekend, and it was FANTASTIC!!

She's the actress that Jude Law cheated on with the nanny. That is, literally, her claim to fame.

I always feel bad for Sienna about that. I'd hate to have as that my claim to fame. Plus, she was alright in "Layer Cake". She wasn't in it much, but she didn't suck. I prefer to think of her in those terms.

OMFG. Sure, Special-K (as I like to call K-Fed) you really turned down a threesome with Britney and some other hot girl.

All I have to say is, if he thinks he's going to be able to break through Britney's pre-nup then he's going to have to ice-skate in hell first.

Forbes Fictional 15

Funny, I would have expected to see Lex Luthor up there, but then, he was in prison for a while.

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