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My stock of entry titles is on reorder

I am having one of those days where I would really like a lot of people to drop dead. On the upside, I am eating a really good sandwich (smoked turkey, mozzarella cheese, sliced greek and red bell peppers) for lunch that I made myself.

Happy Eating Day (and I hope you all had one) went relatively well--it usually does in my family, because it's just the four of us plus my grandmother and sometimes my aunt, uncle and cousin (when my uncle's family doesn't get custody of them, and it's more fun to have them for Christmas anyway). And those are pretty much the only people at every holiday meal. In fact, the only way Thanksgiving is different from all other holidays, including but not limited to Christmas, Easter, New Year's Day, July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Veteran's Day and Arbor Day, is that we don't eat Johnny Ray's barbecue on Thanksgiving. (Okay, we usually don't eat it on Easter either. "The Lord is riz, pass the sauce.") If anyone rides in on the drama llama it's Sister Girl, and she waited until today to do that. And her chocolate pots de crème (topping: white chocolate whipped cream) turned out well. Of course, we're right back to the drama today, though.

More poetic spam in my inbox:

From: Eugene Green
Subject: shortly see my sin, with milk, and to hold the Lord.
LinkspamCollapse )

sapphires13: "And since the Christmas shopping season is about to begin, (Product) RED is a new initiative to fight AIDS in Africa. Various companies are making and selling RED products (which are not necessarily red in colour), with up to 50% of the profits going to The Global Fund. Products include a RED iPod Nanos, Motorola RAZR phones, Armani sunglasses, Converse shoes (some made from African mudcloth), an American Express card (only available in the UK), and a line of clothing from The Gap, (including shirts made in Africa, from African cotton, by African workers, who recieve full wages and free AIDS treatment)." I forget which show Bono was on talking about this (Bono is legally required to be involved in this kind of thing, you know), but he pointed out that they were trying to use capitalism to do good rather than just bug people to donate outright, which I thought was an interesting idea.

itshardtosay: "I thought maybe you could post something about viggorlijah's website shop for Riverkids going live. Proceeds go toward stopping child trafficking."

The Riverkids Shop

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