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I'm jonesing to see Casino Royale again, but my mother (the Bond fan and militant Clive Owenist, as you will remember) is putting up a surprisingly stiff fight. She's agreed to see it, but she says she wants to see The Fountain first. Unfortunately, The Fountain is getting violently mixed reviews, so I'm going to try to convince her to see Casino Royale with me and then have me go see The Fountain and report back. I tend to see a lot of good movies twice this way, which is A-OK with me, and this way she won't be pissed off if it turns out to be something she'd rather have waited to see on DVD. In the meantime, however, I bring you the Chris Cornell song from the Casino Royale title sequence, which has definitely been growing on me. The song, I mean; the title sequence was awesome from the word go.

Gunman arrested at Miami Herald building. Possibly the only article that will ever begin with the words, "A gun-wielding cartoonist dressed in camouflage..."

Paramilitary killer disrupts N. Irish self-rule talks.

Model for character talks about 'Kramer.' Also, hecklers seek apology from ex-'Seinfeld' star. And probably money. I would be willing to bet that O.J. Simpson sent him a fruit basket for bumping his name from the headlines, though.

Burns debuts new documentary, The War. And it's only fourteen hours long!

Feds: Linkin Park fan hacks phone data.

From telesilla, Penny Arcade's Child's Play: "In 2003, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, aka Tycho and Gabe of Penny Arcade, decided that gamers had a bad reputation in the media and they wanted to show that the gaming community could be as giving as any other bunch of individuals. So they started Child's Play, a charity that gives books, toys, gaming equipment and money to selected children's hospitals. They have no overhead; everything you donate, either money or things from the Amazon wishlists, goes right to the children's hospitals." Keep in mind that this is the webcomic that gave you the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory and "It's not for you!" They're good people, is what I'm saying.

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Child's Play is one of those things that makes you feel good no matter how little or how much you can afford to donate.

I've donated since the start, and the comments, pictures of boxes piling up and the astounded expressions of the Penny Arcade guys at the response is always good to see =)

Much love for Child's Play charity, since you can help kids while teaching them the awesomeness of stuff like the "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day". would so donate a DVD of the animated version if it was ever sold.

Besides, it's one of the rare few times we gamers will agree on anything, regardless of our ties to Team PS3/Wii/360/Horde/Alliance/Aniston/etc... ^_^

You Know My Name: I... may find myself liking that song. It's not "OMG so awesome!" but more "hey, why am I tapping my foot?" Time will tell.

The Miami cartoonist: My first exposure to the story was Google News, and the headline that came up read "UPDATE-1 Armed Cartoonist Arrested..." and I was, wait, a one-armed cartoonist? Then I realized that Reuters' news service was having a bit of fun with me. Le sigh.

For some reason, I really love the way the song shifts into the chorus. I don't know enough about music to really describe it--the melody, I guess. It took a few listens to really grow on me.

I saw The Fountain today, in a rather large group that consisted of my mother, one of her best friends, said woman's daughter, the daughter's girlfriend, and a married couple we know.

General consensus is that it was "bizarre", "sad", "beautiful" and "it was really weird... I liked it, but it was really weird". Of course it was well-acted, well-written, and visually stunning... but it was also a little confusing. I get the idea that I understood it more than anyone else in my group did. It's the kind of movie where you think "I bet I'd get this better if I read the book". But of course the director wrote the story, so there is no book.

All in all, I reccomend it.

Um. It's actually based on a graphic novel. Dude.

Wow, I just was NOT expecting you of all people to put off seeing The Fountain if somebody wants to go with you. You've been looking forward to this movie for months!

I know, but for some reason, I just really see her being disappointed in it. I'm going to see it with my friends, and for that matter will probably see it with them before she even gets a chance to see any movie as it is.

The Fountain was pretty fantastic - I'm thinking it's the kind of flick that is better every time you watch it. But it was good the first time.

I'm itching to see Casino Royale but it looks like my family and I are going to see Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny sometime tomorrow.

So, Casino Royale will have to wait until next weekend. XD I'm loving the song, thanks for posting it. It's awesome!!!

Thank you so much for linking!

I saw The Fountain today. No, I was not the die-hard Hugh fangirl that people think I am - I was working on Wednesday AND yesterday, so today was my first chance to see it.

It was so devastatingly beautiful. Absolutely visually stunning. I found very few things confusing... then again, I own the graphic novel and I've been reading a lot of interviews and set reports. My roommate, who is another big Hugh fan, found this movie easier to understand than The Prestige, if that helps at all. Her friend, who was with us and cares nothing for Hugh, didn't get it. But I don't think she was trying - 15 minutes in, she lost interest and began obsessively checking her watch.

I found it just... beautiful. Rachel is breathtaking. Hugh deserves an Oscar for it, though I'm sure he'll lose to Brad for Babel. And you know what? I know that Brad was originally supposed to star in this movie... I can't see him pulling all of it off. Especially the futuristic ones.

But the visuals... it's such a beautiful film.

I really can't wait to read your thoughts on it.

If you don't mind me asking, where is your icon from?

omg! i love you for uploading that song! i fell in lurve with it when i saw the movie. i'm totally dl'ing when i get home!

Thank you for the Chris Cornell. I really liked the theme walking out of the theatre and thought the artist sounded familiar, but had forgotten to look it up by the time I got home.

Damn, PA rocks. Thank you for linking to that.

It's really incoherent and blathery, since it wasn't originally meant for other people to read, but I did write a somewhat spoileriffic review of The Fountain.

Basically, for anyone who doesn't want to be spoiled (though I must say, there's not a lot to be spoiled about): it's watchable, and well-acted, and rather pretty, and I didn't find it difficult to follow at all, but it's a choose-your-own-interpretation sort of movie - all those "deep layers of meaning" some people keep raving about came across to me as a pretty simple concept covered in layers of semi-philosophical pseudo-sci-fi BS and topped off with a really, really annoying soundtrack. I'm not saying it's bad, or even terribly disappointing (I actually rather liked it once I thought about it a bit), I've just seen similar concepts done much better. As I say in my review, it seems like Darren Aronofsky knew what he was trying to do, but he sort of... missed?

Ah Michael Stone, you crazy-eyed loon. This kept us all hugely entertained yesterday - particularly the getting stuck in the revolving door so he couldn't get away.
The latest news is that the gun wasn't even real...

I want a mum that is interested in movies like The Fountain!!

I love Chris Cornell and his music, but had to listen to the Bond song a few times as well before I appreciated it. Seeing Casino on Monday, wheee!

The Child's Play thing reminds me of the yearly charity drive my gaming club does for United Way. We game for 24-hours, and get pledges, and then give the money to united Way, who then turns around and gives it back to the community. It's surprising how many people don't realize that gamers can do good things too.
I wonder if I have enough money for this, after Children In Need...oh probably. We'll see. Thanks for the link.