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I'm jonesing to see Casino Royale again, but my mother (the Bond fan and militant Clive Owenist, as you will remember) is putting up a surprisingly stiff fight. She's agreed to see it, but she says she wants to see The Fountain first. Unfortunately, The Fountain is getting violently mixed reviews, so I'm going to try to convince her to see Casino Royale with me and then have me go see The Fountain and report back. I tend to see a lot of good movies twice this way, which is A-OK with me, and this way she won't be pissed off if it turns out to be something she'd rather have waited to see on DVD. In the meantime, however, I bring you the Chris Cornell song from the Casino Royale title sequence, which has definitely been growing on me. The song, I mean; the title sequence was awesome from the word go.

Gunman arrested at Miami Herald building. Possibly the only article that will ever begin with the words, "A gun-wielding cartoonist dressed in camouflage..."

Paramilitary killer disrupts N. Irish self-rule talks.

Model for character talks about 'Kramer.' Also, hecklers seek apology from ex-'Seinfeld' star. And probably money. I would be willing to bet that O.J. Simpson sent him a fruit basket for bumping his name from the headlines, though.

Burns debuts new documentary, The War. And it's only fourteen hours long!

Feds: Linkin Park fan hacks phone data.

From telesilla, Penny Arcade's Child's Play: "In 2003, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, aka Tycho and Gabe of Penny Arcade, decided that gamers had a bad reputation in the media and they wanted to show that the gaming community could be as giving as any other bunch of individuals. So they started Child's Play, a charity that gives books, toys, gaming equipment and money to selected children's hospitals. They have no overhead; everything you donate, either money or things from the Amazon wishlists, goes right to the children's hospitals." Keep in mind that this is the webcomic that gave you the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory and "It's not for you!" They're good people, is what I'm saying.

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