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Screen Actors Guild Awards

Here's the sum total of my blogging for the night. Unfortunately, it's all newest-entry-first, but I think you can manage. Oh, and we're in the second hour of the SAG show rerun on TNT, if you want to catch the most awesome cosmic punkout ever: Clint Eastwood finally convinces Sean Penn to show up for an awards show at which he will be winning an award, and it goes to... Johnny Depp. WHO ISN'T EVEN THERE. GIVEN BY HIS PEERS. FOR A PIRATE MOVIE.

You may also want to catch the last award of the evening, in which Return of the King beats out Mystic River (a movie full of Actor's Actors doing Actor's Acting) and Bernard Hill gives a gracious acceptance speech on behalf of the actors present. And then Sean Astin sidles up to Hill and takes over the mike... and preaches a not-rousing sermon about unions and runaway productions to the choir a roomful of actors. About the time Astin manages to become more politically annoying than Tim Robbins (no, I didn't know it was possible, either), who managed to broach the same topic in two sentences at the beginning of the evening, John Rhys-Davies boots him out of the way so that their producer and Billy Boyd can say something. Liv Tyler's job is to be pretty and Andy Serkis is chopped liver, apparently, so there you go.
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