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So I ended up doing a bit of offline Christmas shopping today. (A word about the online kind: Amazon is now on my shitlist, because we put in a large order--remember, Christmas and two birthdays--and chose the free shipping, because it was November 24th at the time and we weren't in any particular hurry. One week, two weeks, they can take their time. Well, Amazon then said nothing would arrive until JANUARY 15TH. We changed to standard shipping, and I've already gotten "Your order has shipped" notices. So: free shipping, six weeks; paid shipping, four days. Cheap corporate bastards.) The part I really want to tell you about is the Macy's jewelry department, which had a 50%-off clearance section (I got a pair of 2028 earrings at 50% plus 10% off, for a total of nine dollars). They also had two or three turntable racks (I'm totally making this term up) of Lucky Brand jewelry, which I'd never heard of before, but is apparently under the Lucky Brand Jeans label. Don't bother clicking on that link, by the way, because none of the jewelry is even on the site, but the stuff I saw was fantastic. You can see some of it at the Dillard's site, but the pictures don't really do it justice. There was kind of a pirate theme to what I saw--a few actual skull-and-crossbones charms, but mostly big chunky brass and silver pieces: bracelets, charms, pendants, layered necklaces, some wooden beads here and there, and some giant rings. It was piratey without being obnoxiously so, if that makes any sense--a general style, rather than an actual theme. Of the things you can see online, I loved the charm bracelet, the key earrings, and the red stone earrings. There was also a chunky turquoise bracelet that I absolutely loved, and I may get that and the charm bracelet for Christmas, but who knows. I'm just saying, if you find yourself at a mall, keep an eye open.

(Speaking of pirates, I was in Books and Company and saw a kids' book called Vampirates: Demons of the Sea, and immediately started kicking myself for not thinking of it first.)

Re: Bond theme songs: agentsculder has uploaded all of them--that's right, all twenty-something--over at her journal. Hell, I didn't even know a-ha did a Bond song. I must particularly recommend Garbage's "The World Is Not Enough," which I've always liked as a song unto itself. I kind of like "Tomorrow Never Dies" as well--I think it's a pretty good song, but Sheryl Crow is a bit shrill in the chorus. Maybe it would have been better if someone else had sung it, but I don't know who.

Angry crowd rallies after groom killing. "An angry crowd demanded Sunday to know why police officers killed an unarmed man on the day of his wedding, firing dozens of shots that also wounded two of the man's friends. Some called for the ouster of the city's police commissioner. At a vigil and rally the day after 23-year-old Sean Bell was supposed to have married the mother of his two young children, a crowd led by the Rev. Al Sharpton shouted 'No justice, no peace.' At one point, the crowd of a few hundred counted off to 50, the number of rounds fired."

Rio thieves armed with grenades rob tourists.

CIA applicants can take personality quiz: "The CIA has scrapped its ho-hum test that steered job applicants toward mysterious careers and devised one that's cloaked in jest. Invisibility or ESP? Jet pack or amphibious sports car? Walk the Great Wall of China or sip Champagne at a New York gala? The results from the CIA's personality quiz are just a few clicks away, diagnosing test takers as daring thrill-seekers, thoughtful observers, curious adventurers, innovative pioneers or impressive masterminds. The CIA wants to hire them all. The agency's online personality test is the equivalent of a help-wanted sign, posted on the closest thing the agency has to a front door — its Web site. The frivolous quiz is designed to encourage job applications while dispelling myths about the agency, some of them born of the James Bond stereotype. 'Some of the old-timers grumbled, "Where's the mystique? Where is the aura of mystery around what we do?" ' McCluskey said in an interview. 'The good news is that we are not seeking to hire those people.' " Snap. I'm an impressive mastermind, apparently. You can tell the CIA is new at this whole quiz thing because 1) there's no explanation of what an "impressive mastermind" is, exactly, and 2) no option to post a twee little graphic on your blog.

All My Children to feature transgender character. "The show wasn't interested in doing something just to be sensational, she said. GLAAD and some transgenders were brought in as consultants in shaping the character, teaching the producers when it is appropriate to call a character 'she' even before surgery, she said. Damon Romine, a spokesman for GLAAD, said he hasn't seen the show yet but feels people involved were genuinely interested in telling the story with dignity. Emotions are so close to the surface in soap operas, and this story can serve a purpose by showing what transgenders go through, he said. 'I think it's groundbreaking and breakthrough television for daytime to put a spotlight on transgender people and tell their story,' he said."

Movie on Jesus' birth debuts at Vatican. Notably, pregnant young Keisha Castle-Hughes did not attend.

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