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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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For Snarkfesters
Hey, guys. If you ever lurk or post on the Snarkfest board, you may have noticed that it's down. Long story short, someone who either had or gained admin access started deleting everything. "Gained access" could mean outsider hacking, but we don't know. All we know is what we've deduced from looking at the mod panel (from which we were eventually shut out) and the board itself--which is why there are a lot of questions we can't answer, because all we have is conjecture. We're trying to find a solution, which may or may not involve setting up a new board. But there will be a board of some kind; Snarkfest as a human community isn't going anywhere.

I'm posting this here, though, because everyone's kind of far-flung and I'm not sure everyone's hearing the news. We're posting updates at snarkfest_lj; the most recent official update on the board (and Genevieve's baby!) was here. Please join the comm if you have an LJ ID or bookmark it if you don't. If you know of anyone else from the board, make sure they know about the comm and the situation in general.

ETA: We started setting up a new board last night. It'll be ready soon. That's all I can say for now. There's some drama going on, but we were already prepared for that.

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Hey, thanks. I was wondering.

Yeah, one of the things we're really worried about is how to round up everyone. We've posted about the LJ comm before, but that doesn't mean everyone saw it.

This is a great idea. You're in the best position of everyone to do outreach right now because of your flist.

Snarkfest totally still exists. IN OUR HEARTS, yo. In our HEARTS.

(I'm in the second stage of SF withdrawal: batshit insanity).

Your icon is totally appropriate :)

RWS just totally admitted to everything. EVERYTHING.

It reads like a bad Scooby Doo episode, too.

I know you just posted, but--let's please try not to drag this out into the light at the moment, if that makes any sense. I fully intend to write up what happened later (I have an appointment I'm about to have to go to), but I kind of don't want to give her and bluekermit the satisfaction of saddling up the drama llama, if that makes any sense. We already started building a new board last night and it's almost ready, so there's no point in letting them egg y'all on.

Augh. Is there anything I can do to lend a hand?

I just got back from the dentist so I'm trying to catch up on the situation now, but when last I checked, vwl had things under control. But thanks. : )

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, pretty much. We ("we" being primarily vwlphb) started looking into a new board last night as a backup in case it turned out we really couldn't get the old one back, as was looking more and more likely, so fortunately we've at least got that on the horizon. On a practical level, I think we're going to be absolutely fine--it's not going to be anything more than mildly inconvenient. It's more the emotional sense of betrayal and loss ("ZOMG ALL MY POSTS ARE GONE!!") that people are going to go through.

Thanks for that. I don't post much (read: at all), so had a horrible irrational feeling that I'd been banned for persistent lurking. Hope the problem isn't too tricky to fix!

Thanks for the update. You mods are awesome...let me know if there's anything I can do.

I feel bad for you guys. Is this a start from scratch thing or have these people left you something to work with? Still sucks all around.

Since you seem to know who did it and you don't want any drama I'm going to continue blaming Tom Cruise.

It's looking like a start from scratch thing. Which really isn't going to be more than a physical inconvenience; it's everyone flipping out and being emotional about having to start over that's going to be the real trouble.

Snarkfest has rapidly become my lifesaving obsession, so I was freaked to see it down today! Thanks for posting. I'm joining the LJ community now; interested to know what happened, and a little sad the Saga of Keira and Not!Orlando! is lost to posterity. Thank you so much for all the hard work you (collectively!) are doing.

Thanks for the heads up. I had no idea what was going on. I just thought the board was down again. Ah, well...

Stupid drama.

You guys are awesome, though, so I'm sure things will be back to normal--well, better than normal--in no time. I'll be sure to post the new link at the other sites I visit, and I'll update my LJ for the first time in a year, as well.

Ah, so that's what's going on. Well, here's hoping the new board gets up and running soon and without the drama. *sigh*

maxell1313 on snarkfest

no snarkfest, but linkspam about Darfur

Sudanese President Rejects AU-UN Plan
Not that this is anything surprising, but his remarks themselves are outrageous.

Meanwhile, the AU mandate will run out this December.

Amnesty International has a convenient little e-mail form letter which can be sent to senators. Or people can call the White House comment line at (202) 456-1111, during work hours, M-F.