Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

I'm so glad it's December, y'all. It's just a weird idea I have, that this month will have to be better than last month.

More oddness in my email:

From: Jack Morgan
Subject: commandment to pass, ye the gods of love me. Seeing there

U.S. warns of possible Qaeda financial cyber attack, starting (potentially) today, I think.

Alleged Munch thief believed dead.

Study: Single massive asteroid wiped out dinosaurs.

Amsterdam to shut prostitution 'windows.' I'm not sure why that's in quotes--these so-called, alleged "panes of glass" the prostitutes stand behind?

Thursday 'View' kind to drunken DeVito. (Video.)

Obama, Ludacris talk about guiding kids.

Kidman tops highest-paid actress list.

Britney's crotch shots take Web by storm.

Confirmed: WB to Take Harry Potter DVDs Off Shelves. As soon as January, actually. "With the recent rumblings about the high-definition Potter DVDs (which appear to have a commentary track for the first time ever), it could be that WB is planning to remaster, beef up and re-release the first four films."

Virtual pals 'soar in importance.'

A site that will help you plan out Secret Santa/White Elephant/Yankee Swaps.

From psammead on SF: Death by dueling with frying pans.

What sound does an arctic tern make?

(More Whose Line: Massive Headwound Carol Channing; The Harley of Seville.)

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