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A couple of days' backlog

Fiji's military overthrows government.

Villanova U. locked down after shooting.

3 members of missing family found alive; father who went for help found dead.

E. coli in N.J. is linked to Taco Bell; Taco Bells in question used same distributor.

Ex-spy's death to be treated as murder.

Suspect in PlayStation 3 robbery killed. "A young man accused of robbing a fellow college student of two new Playstation 3 video game consoles was shot and killed — possibly while holding a game controller, his roommate said — by officers sent to arrest him." Isn't this the second fatality involved with a PS3? I love how no one wants to die over anything called a "Wii."

Abts becomes first female painter to win Turner Prize.

Archaeologists find mummified remains "of a doctor they believe lived more than 4,000 years ago and was buried along with metal surgical tools."

Neanderthals Were Cannibals, Study Confirms.

Prolific Polish actor Leon Niemczyk dies.

National Board of Review awards and top ten out (Eastwood again? Aw, hell).

Actor Rip Torn arrested in New York.

Andy Dick apologizes for using same slur as Richards, can't get anyone to care.

Breaking up for the holidays: Aniston & Vaughn have split, report says (meh); Murphy says he and Brown have split up (What? Who? Oh, Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice? My first reaction was so "Candice Bergen what?"); Lance Bass, Reichen Lehmkuhl said split (Awww, now I'm just sad. I was rooting for those two crazy kids).

Clooney's beloved potbelly pig Max dies. "George Clooney's beloved potbelly pig Max has died, Clooney's publicist said. He was 19. Max, who lived at Clooney's Hollywood Hills home, died 'peacefully' of natural causes on Friday, Clooney's publicist, Stan Rosenfield, said by phone Monday." Another thing I love: how Clooney's pig gets the same obituary template as every other deceased celebrity.

Stars of "Dreamgirls" upstaged by newcomer Hudson.

MPAA Kills Anti-Pretexting Bill. Basically, it killed an anti-fraud bill so it could trap pirates (arrrr).

Strawberry cocaine? Word on the street is that Lindsay Lohan particularly likes her Strawberry Quik.

Mayans excited, unsure on 'Apocalypto.'

Breakfast at Tiffany's gown sold at auction in London.

Brazil lauds film critics for trashing "Turistas."

U.S. alarmed by film on diamond trade.

Flatulence forces plane to land.

Iran blocks access to

Lost being moved back an hour when it returns in February. Again. I don't know--I guess I'm okay with it because this way it won't get steamrolled by American Idol.

Man accused of faking retardation.

A picture of a Wet Panda.

Santa's Butt what?

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