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Re: Yesterday's "Wet Panda": Yes, I'm pretty sure it was a Red Panda. That was kind of the point of posting the link--"Tee hee, 'Wet' Panda."

Pearl Harbor survivors meet for last time.

Remains of St. Paul may have been found.

Playboy editor goes on trial in Jakarta.

Lane "Tweener" Garrison Did "Several Shots" Before Fatal Crash. Fatal to a teenager in his car, not to himself, as you will recall.

Serious use for Silly String.

Santa's evil sidekick? Who knew? Uh... I did? I remembered it mostly because "Krampus" seemed like the worst name for a mythological figure ever ("Get thee behind me, Krampus! Martha, get the Midol! Extra Strength!").

From quizzicalsphinx: A South Carolina boy, 12, was arrested Sunday morning after his mother called police to report that he had unwrapped a Christmas present without her permission.

Llamas Enlisted to Thwart Biological Weapons. If you start singing the Llama Song at me, I will reach through the internet and slap you.

Maya say Gibson movie portrays them as savages. But weren't we all savages in the 1500s, really? (Okay, I got nothin'. And yes, I hear that the end of the movie does confirm what century it's set in.)

Reality show features gun-toting celebs.

Kevin Federline says he's doing 'great.' Hey, whatever helps you cry yourself to sleep, man.

J.J. Abrams directing the next Star Trek movie.

Dekker joins Fox's "Terminator" pilot. I'm sorry, joining the what?

Clooney wants to act in Bollywood movie.

Anthony Stewart Head to join Sweeney Todd? "Tony has been offered a role in the movie musical adaptation of 'Sweeney Todd' . . . Confirmation of the role will be posted as soon as possible." So we're not sure what as--the Beadle? Who knows. Current head count: Johnny Depp, Helena Bellatrix Bonham Carter, Sacha Borat Baron Cohen, and Alan Rickman, with Tim Burton directing. (Actually, I wonder if HBC was the one who was like, "Get Snape! Get Snape! And that guy with three names! We can commiserate!")

From the Popbitch newsletter: "Sex education might need improving in South Africa. Charles Sibindana, 27, tried to get a week off work by claiming he was pregnant."

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