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Linkspam a go-go

Disney's "Pirates" sells 5 million DVDs in first day. "Dead Man's Chest also is on track to unseat the previous live-action record-holder for DVD sales, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which sold about 16 million DVD copies and 2 million home-video units, a Disney spokesman said. DVD sales can account for as much as half of a movie's total revenues. Dead Man's Chest, the follow-up to Black Pearl, has generated more than $1 billion in worldwide box office receipts, making it the top-grossing film of the year." I'm kind of imagining Disney executives backstroking through swimming pools full of money à la Scrooge McDuck right now.

greyduck: "In the 'do the right thing, no matter how heart-rending' department: Father's tip cracks alleged teen burglary ring."

Tornado hits London; at least six injured, homes damaged. Cornelius Fudge must be due in Blair's fireplace any moment now.

Spears says she went 'a little too far.'

Blunt report calls Iraq situation 'dire'; Bush: victory still possible in Iraq.

Food-safety fears revived as Taco Bell pulls onions.

Woman, 75, douses alleged thief with gas.

Japan's dieter-in-chief fights the munchies.

Manliness is next to godliness. "Stine's daylong revival meeting, which he calls 'GodMen,' is cruder than most. But it's built around the same theory as the other experimental forums: Traditional church worship is emasculating. Hold hands with strangers? Sing love songs to Jesus? No wonder pews across America hold far more women than men, Stine says. Factor in the pressure to be a 'Christian nice guy' — no cussing, no confrontation, in tune with the wife's emotions — and it's amazing men keep the faith at all." YEAH! You know what? We should crush beer cans on our heads for Jesus! Headbutt each other in the name of the Lord! Hold services out at the shooting range! Then we can go blast some Turks and recapture the Holy Land! RAWK.

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