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Back on the Home Front

All right, now that I've cleaned out my linkspam pile, back to shenanigans chez Cleo:

After some discussion with my psychiatrist, we've decided that I've done well enough on 75 mg Lamictal for a month that I'm going to go ahead and go back up to 100 mg. Remember, the last time I did this--except that it was a jump from fifty to a hundred--there was itching and existential despair. This time, I was very, very cautious. Also, we talked about decreasing my Zoloft from 150 to 100 in January, and after I got off the phone I thought better of it--I decided to immediately drop down, so that basically I was exchanging one medication for the other, kind of like Indiana Jones with that golden idol thing. And so far, it's worked: I have noticed absolutely no side effects at all, which is astonishing. I mean, usually there's any kind of medication change, I at least feel a little dizzy or flushed or buzzed for a day or so. This time? Nothing. Outstanding.

Meanwhile, my mother is stroking the hell out over the 556 packages due at the house. Never mind that the UPS guy is here every single day; he's not bringing enough. ("More boxes, mule!" WHP-CHAAA!) I mean, yes, we have two birthdays coming up, plus Christmas, but emailing me every six minutes to see what's arrived isn't going to make them get here any faster, for God's sake.

Most of the stuff coming in has been for my sister, who wanted "a knife and a dog" for Christmas. The latter is actually a point of great controversy, as she wants a husky and my mother most emphatically does not. And since Sister Girl's on the verge of moving out but not quite ("roommate" problems yet to be sorted out), Mom is dead set against getting the dog, because she's convinced it's simply going to be living with us, and since we have two pomeranians already, she'd rather we had something the size of, say, a Norwich terrier, not a puppy that's already bigger than Sam. There have already been several fights on this subject, and what I'm really afraid of is that Sister Girl's just gonna up and get the dog for herself.

As for the knife, it's a ten-inch Global. She's in cooking school, as you'll recall. Maybe this means something to you; all I know is, she chose a Global over a Wüstof (pronunciation: WOOSTOFF. Roll it around for a moment: WOOOOOOOSTOFF), which makes me sad, because "Wüstof" is a fantastic word. ("Oooooh, say it again!" "WOOOOOSTOFF!" "Oooooh!") Actually, we're probably supposed to be saying it "Voostoff," but I kind of don't care. I put the umlaut in--what do you want from me?

Anyway, it arrived yesterday, and she was so excited that she ran past me and opened it, even though it was her big Christmas present (Woostoffs: not cheap), and took it to school to show off. So I was extra-careful to hide the martini glasses she wanted for her twenty-first birthday, which is on the 17th. She also wanted some chocolate from Vosges, particularly the Volcano Island honey truffles, which I got her last year as well. Going to cooking school apparently gives you extremely expensive taste.

Me, I'm waiting for a package I ordered for someone else, and we still have a couple of Amazon things outstanding, I think. Meanwhile, we are at a complete and total loss as to what to get my stepfather for Christmas. He does like books about politics (he's an anti-Bush, anti-O'Reilly Republican) and recent military history, but he needs them in large print; he likes WWII movies, but we've pretty much run out of those; he likes musicals on DVD, particularly stuff like Smokey Joe's Cafe or Phantom of the Opera, but we're running out of those, too. He'd like some live performances on DVD, but again: running out of those. (Anyone know if there's a DVD of Swing?) He's really not very fond of Christmas in general (whereas we backstroke through the ornaments and the decorations and the presents like those Disney executives in their money), and he's just not very into stuff. "I've got everything I need, and there's nothing I want." ARGH. How are we supposed to keep the economy going without the wanton, unnecessary acquisition of goods? I ask you.

Finally, from stardustshine: "I just noticed there is a link at the very bottom of the news story regarding James Kim: It includes a link for monetary donations, an e-mail address for thoughts, and a physical address for other donations people would like to make to the family."

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