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"I'm no fan of reference books and their fact-based agendas"

Horoscope of Eerie Aptness: Whatever your luck has been lately, expect it to take a radical new course today. In other words, if you've been on a lucky streak, it's coming to an end today -- so don't take any major risks. However, if you've been stuck with the fuzzy end of the lollipop lately, get ready to enjoy some new sweetness in your life. This type of energy is cyclical, so keep in mind that whatever goes around must come around again -- eventually.

God, I hope this is true. It was a really rough weekend, let's put it that way. Sister Girl and her boyfriend may be breaking up, or not, and it was--rough. And I'm basically chalking 2006 up as an annus horribilis and leaving it at that.

Also, I've been having really long, involved, bizarre nightmares lately. The one I just woke up from involved learning the periodic table for a chemistry class, and I had to know what color each element was, and the whole class was in a tiny library trying to find a book that would tell us what all the colors were because Professor Snape (and this was not at Hogwarts, nor were any of us wizards, I might add) wouldn't tell us. And then the librarian called me into her office and congratulated me on being chosen editor of the school literary magazine, and there would be a meeting during lunch (the next period), and I was panicking because I couldn't go to a meeting instead of lunch because I had to study for my Norwegian language final, and then Snape came in and got mad at me for talking (TO THE LIBRARIAN!) and told me to stay after class, and I'm freaking out because I CAN'T STAY, I HAVE TO STUDY NORWEGIAN.

I did find out that Limbinium is a pale green, though.

Former Chilean dictator Pinochet dies at 91; clashes break out after Pinochet's death.

4 dead in Chicago skyscraper shooting; police: gunman angry over invention.

Infant kidnapped at knifepoint in Florida: "A missing month-old boy kidnapped at knifepoint was taken as payment because his parents failed to pay human smugglers, police said Saturday."

Police question Doherty on party death:
Blanco's sister, Emma, said the family wanted to know why Doherty and others reportedly left the scene before police arrived.

"We're finding it very difficult to do any grieving as we're so busy trying to find out the truth," she was quoted as saying by The Independent on Sunday newspaper.

"We want to know what happened that night. This is not about us assigning blame on a pseudo-celebrity. We just want the truth."

Venice's St Mark's Square under water with new 'acqua alta.'

`Truthiness' is named Word of the Year.
Colbert, who once derided the folks at Springfield-based Merriam-Webster as the "word police" and a bunch of "wordinistas," was pleased.

"Though I'm no fan of reference books and their fact-based agendas, I am a fan of anyone who chooses to honor me," he said in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

"And what an honor," he said. "Truthiness now joins the lexicographical pantheon with words like 'squash,' 'merry,' 'crumpet,' 'the,' `xylophone,' 'circuitous,' 'others' and others."

Tenor walks off stage at La Scala. "Tenor Roberto Alagna marched off the stage at La Scala when the audience booed him during the second performance of Franco Zeffirelli's Aida. He was replaced seconds later by his understudy, who rushed on wearing jeans."

Eastwood film tops L.A. critics list.

Mel resurrects: 'Apocalypto' earns $14M.

12-year-old Fanning: I want to direct.

Velvet Underground rarity sells on eBay.

Nicolas Cage plans to cut back on acting; Cage helps develop Bahamas indie cinema.

Director Woo can't film on Yangtze.

Benjamin, Ferrell to star in 'Semi-Pro.'

Snopes: "Photographs purport to show the interior of a Boeing 737 airliner immediately after a mid-air collision, including one shot which shows a passenger being sucked from the plane." It's not so much that the story's fake, which it is-- it's the "photographs" the hoaxer chose to illustrate his mid-air catastrophe. Guess where they're from. No, guess.

Daily Puppy!

New movie stills: The Brave One (Terrence Howard and Jodie Foster, who must have an evil portrait in her attic); Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer; Hostel: Part II (sigh).

ladyhawke_wings: "I just heard the most spectacular indie artist I have in a long time! This girl deserves all the pimping she can get - I put my money where my mouth is and started in my own journal. I'd love it if you'd take amoment to check out my plug for her - and if you agree, perhaps add a plug in your linkspam for her - she's terrific!" I haven't had time to listen to any of the clips yet--what do y'all think?

wmetoile: "Could you mention that my friends have an awesome blog about TV, TiFaux, which is up for Best Culture Blog in the 2006 Weblog Awards and it would be really excellent if everyone would go Vote for TiFaux. Voting ends Dec. 15. Thanks so much!"

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