Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

My mother's still desperately searching for something "special" for my stepfather for Christmas, but I'm pretty content with my shopping. Of which there was a lot. No moviegoing yet, though.

Also, I got a fantastic package at my PO box yesterday, and I have no idea who it's from.

More profound email spam:
From: "Randa"
To: "Blair"
Subject: It's ok
joseph and his bad brothers, and the frogs that came up out of the besides, i couldn't say a word for myself if that letter was from broad forehead, clear eyes, sweet mouth, and quiet voice that came
New flu pandemic could kill 81 million. Not that there's going to be a new flu pandemic, necessarily--just that it could.

Filmmaker Gus Van Sant cited for DUI.

Westerberg puts screwdriver through hand "and could be sidelined for a year, according to a blog posting from Jim Walsh, a Minneapolis writer and friend of the former Replacements lead singer."

Miss Nevada USA loses shirt, then title.

Hilary Duff becomes a Barbie doll.

trede, re: Potter Seven: "Hallows seem also to be magical items in Anglo-Saxon legend, and they echo strongly of horcrux. Any thoughts?"

Thierry Mugler interprets Perfume to the tune of fifteen blends and $700. THEY MADE THE SMELL OF PEOPLE. The one Süskind described as being sort of sour and cheesy. My God, they MADE that one. They made a blend that smells like virgins! THEY MADE AMOR ET PSYCHE. Holy crow.

(Seven hundred dollars! Fifteen blends, but still! The sad thing is, Beth at BPAL could probably make a very similar set for less than two hundred, if it weren't for trademark/licensing issues. Because I'm sure if "Nuit Napolitaine" wasn't trademarked before, it is now.)

ILM's POTC2 showcase--for Oscar voters, I imagine, because it does an excellent job of showing what they started out with (actors in mocap jammies interacting with the other, costumed actors during normal filming) and what they ended up with (photoreal half-monster characters who retain an amazing amount of expression). Keep an eye out for the clip ("Now we're just haggling over price") where you can drag the little window around and actually see the original footage as it plays. I don't know if I'm just a giant geek or what, but I thought that was endlessly cool.

elbeonore: "Has anyone seen this? It's a selection of four posters for "Becoming Jane", and you can vote on your favorite. I was expecting to hate a melodrama about Jane Austen, but I've fallen unexpectedly in love with that second poster, where Jane's on the swing."

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