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Why I procrastinate

So. Throat hurts, but in a really weird way only on the left side, so I actually called the dentist to make sure it wasn't a wisdom tooth complication. (It wasn't. Felt dumb. Oh well.) Am tired and achy and in the middle of trying to update the news for the first time in three years weeks, my computer flipped out on me. I knew I was in trouble when I was over at the Buena Vista publicity site trying to download Hidalgo publicity stills for the Digest--now, remember, these are huge. I'm talking 10 MB per still. I'm talking life-size pictures, here--and the first message popped up: "You do not have enough room on your computer to save this file. WHORE."

Then an alarm message popped up:

You only have 7.85 MB of space remaining on your computer. This is a critically low amount of space. Seriously, are you stupid? You need 200 MB just to run me, goddammit, how many times do I have to tell you? And seven megabytes? Are you kidding me? That's not even enough to rub two MP3s together! What do you have on here, anyway? One-of-a-kind Orlando Bloom goat porn? In bitmaps? In triplicate? GOD.

So I spent the night (and today) cleaning files off my computer and transferring them to CD-RWs. The problem is that I've had an extremely high corruption rate, and so I'm scared to have files exist only on CD. Also, I only have 10 GB of storage space to begin with. (Yes, my computer is getting on five years old. Hush, or she'll yell at me again.) But I realized that the latest "Error! Move all critical files to another disk" isn't a disk error--it's an ACDSee (image manager) error, and when I move things straight from the file folder, I don't get that. So if I do get that, I can ignore it. Or something like that.

So now I have 223 MB free on my computer.

That's still pathetic, you know.


And that's not even why I actually procrastinate--that's why I ended up putting off the news update, but here's why I continually procrastinate: it pays off. jedi_funk found an error in the Oscar pool ballot I coded yesterday, which really was inevitable given my coding inexperience, and so now I have to email 20 people and ask them to resubmit their picks for Sound Editing and Sound Mixing. Now, had I gone all out publicizing the pool and posting the announcement on the dailydigest feed and on the Yahoo Group newsletter, I would be super-screwed right now, instead of mildly screwed. (Seriously, we have more pool players than we've had the last two years combined, after the pool being up for 24 hours.) In fact, I like to think of procrastination as a bit Darwinist: that which is really not that important never gets done anyway, and that which is flawed won't make it too far before something better gets done in its place.

Which is also to say: the Oscar pool is ready</b> and, as far as I can tell, bug-free. Get your ballots in early, because I'm not going to have a lot of time on Sunday to collate these things. :)
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